MODEL DAYS: Behind the Scenes at CC by Kee Fashion Show

Saturday, October 25, 2014

It's not everyday one gets to play runway model!  In my life? No days at all and yet I found myself on the runway for Keesha Craig's CC by Kee Fashion Show.  Keesha Craig is a Senior Fashion Design Student at The Art Institute of Houston.  To complete her Senior year she had to put on a Fashion Show displaying a minimum of 6 looks. However, Keesha is unique, in the fact that she designs plus-size clothing! I'm super excited about this! The world needs more plus-size designers, and Keesha is very talented and lives in Houston (perk for me)! However, finding plus-size models to walk in her show, turned out to be a challenge. By happy chance, one of her previous classmates, Rammy (who's runway show I covered here), contacted me to see if I'd be interested in being in the show. I'm not a model, I'm far from it. I don't have a walk, I don't "smize" and I do the same 3 poses over and over again for my blog, but I wanted to do it for several reasons:

1. I'm a plus-size blogger.
2. I believe in fashion for all. 
3. Keesha is genuinely the sweetest person I've ever met! 

And so that's how I found myself on the catwalk. Being a model in Keesha's show required coming in for a few fittings, which I was happy to do! I even got to meet some of her teachers who helped her analyze her designs on me.  I believe I had 3 fittings? And before I knew it, it was time to do the show! To prep for the show, Keesha brought in runway coach extraordinaire Thaddeus to help all of us on our walks....Let's just say the other models got it and I was still strugging up until the last minute, but pulled it off for the show! The show was on a Friday, and of course it was on the Friday I had to work, so around 4:30 I was making a beeline to Silver Street Studios (We were supposed to be there at 1pm...).  Check out some of the behind-the-scenes shots caught below by Live Life in Style Intern, Evelyn Casas. 
Keesha telling me where to go, upon my "Late Arrival". I also was trying to put my boots on at the same time, to practice my walk.
The Fashion Show was held at Silver Street Studios! This was my first time there, but I love the space! So artsy! 
Thaddeus giving us some last minute runway tips!
Strike a pose, there's nothing to it! 
Aren't we fab! #CurvyGirlsRock
Practicing the runway entry pose.
The runway felt long in these shoes! But I loved the shoes! Hahaha. Keesha was nice enough to let us keep them! You'll be seeing them again on the blog for sure! 

The atmosphere at Silver Street was perfect for a fashion show, don't you think?

After practicing my walk, I headed backstage for makeup.
My favorite makeup artist and friend, LeRenda Howard of Beauty by LeRenda doing my makeup for the runway show. LeRenda and Faith are amazing! Both of them showed up to do the makeup for Keesha's show! I know some really amazing people!

Lee, Keesha, and Clarence discussing the runway order.

LeRenda doing my makeup, while Faith cleans up her work station!

Keesha putting the final touches on Faith before she walked the runway!
Full house!
Stay tuned for pictures from the fashion show! 

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