BACKSTAGE ACCESS: Nicole Miller MBFW Spring 2015 Collection

Thursday, September 25, 2014

If you've never been backstage during a major fashion designer's show (or any fashion show for that matter) it's a real treat! There are so many cool things to check out behind-the-scenes! I love taking pictures of the runway line-up, outfit photos, accessories, the models getting their hair and makeup done, and more! Your first time backstage will be very overwhelming! There's just sooo much going on and in all directions. The models are being prepped, designers are being interviewed, celebrities are coming in for photos and VIP access to their "FROW" seats, media is running around capturing b-roll, etc. It looks VERY chaotic, but I like to describe it as "Organized Chaos"! Even though it looks chaotic to us, everyone participating knows where they need to be and what they need to be doing and when the lights come up for the show to start? It goes off without a hitch! I LOVE IT! You really appreciate the runway show when you see the craziness that ensues before it! And it's all for a 10 or 15 minute show! I had the privilege of going backstage at Nicole Miller's New York Fashion Week show earlier this month and snapped a bunch of photos of the organized chaos.  Check out my B-stage footage below:

Michelle Elise and I in line waiting to interview Nicole Miller
Clothes hung up and ready to go and assigned to each model
Pineapples galore!
Lots of Copacabana Promenade-inspired prints!

The models getting ready to do a run-through.
My favorite model from the show! She was super pretty!
More amazing Nicole Miller designs

Lead MakeupArtist being interviewed by Neuvo

"Hey girlfriend, it'll be ok!"

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