THE INTERVIEW: Backstage with Nicole Miller at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Monday, September 22, 2014

On day 2 of New York Fashion Week (NYFW), I arrived backstage at Lincoln Center, with my colleague, Videographer, Michelle Elise Harding, to conduct an interview. And not just any ordinary interview, but an interview with American Fashion Designer, Nicole Miller. It's not everyday that one finds themselves interviewing iconic fashion designers, such as Nicole Miller, and even less likely? Doing it three times! And yet there I was, backstage at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week getting ready to interview Nicole for the third time! You may remember that I interviewed the fashion designer both times she was in Houston last year; once for the Women of Wardrobe's 10th Anniversary celebration and then again after her runway show at Fashion Houston.  This time I was at the hub of Fashion itself: New York Fashion Week! Michelle and I, obtained our backstage passes and waited with the other members of the press for our turn! 

We entered the area where all of the clothes for Nicole Miller's Spring 2015 Collection were hanging; waiting patiently to be donned by the models. I immediately noticed pineapples and luggage props sitting around the space and was instantly curious as to where Nicole was transporting us for Spring! Turns out, we were headed to Brazil! Everything from the Copacabana sidewalk, to the flowers and birds of Brazil were drawn upon by Nicole for the collection.  For the runway, Nicole even featured a replica of the iconic Copacabana, black and white, wave pattern sidewalk for her models to walk on! The black and white color scheme didn't stop there! It was very apparent in her designs, along with the wave pattern. The collection featured tropical prints and lots of color.  If this is how Nicole interprets Brazil, then I SERIOUSLY need to take a trip! 

Can you tell us a little bit about what we're going to see on the runway? It's very colorful, and it's on a backdrop of a lot of black and white. I was inspired by Brazil, and the Copacabana sidewalk, and all the flora of Brazil and all the birds. I still have this memory [from Brazil]. I bought a bird, a parakeet, on the beach, which I still have till this day and it was carved out of foam rubber. It was really cool, so there's a lot of birds in the collection too.

I love that! A little bit of tropical! Was it the memory that made you pick Brazil for this particular collection? Well, I've been to Brazil a few times and I was listening to this old Peter Alan song and it said "I go to Rio" and I was feeling nostalgic about it!

Well looking around, it looks like it was a great inspiration! I know you are no stranger to showing at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, but do you ever still get nervous? Yes! I get nervous when the music starts! 

Do you have any tips for emerging designers? Yes, learn how to sing! I mean all the singers are making fashion lines, so we should all learn how to sing! 

I love Nicole's humor! Even in the midst of backstage organized chaos, Nicole can crack a joke and remain calm! I'd be a nervous wreck! Shortly after our interview she sent an exceptional collection down the runway! View the collection below and  watch my video interview with Nicole Miller: 

Video by Michelle Elise Harding



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