MERCEDES-BENZ FASHION WEEK: Malan Breton Celebrates Taiwan for Spring

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Malan Breton is known for his interesting fabric choices, featuring looks full of sheen. For his Spring 2015 collection, Malan was inspired by Taiwan. To further emphasize his inspiration, Malan Breton opened up his show with a dance troupe that performed Taiwanese dances! After the dance troupe, Taiwanese musicians took center stage to do a live performance for the middle segment of Malan's runway show. Malan's show was fairly long, at least in fashion show time, that is! At the end of the show I counted 60+ models for the final walk! It's always impressive when a designer can punch out that many looks! The musicians only played for the middle segment, though they sat on the runway the entire time (I'm not sure how they sat still that long!). I don't know the name of the instruments they were playing, but the song was really cool! I'd love to know what these instruments are so if you guys know, feel free to tell me! I'm a big culture and diversity chick, and I love learning more about other cultures! 

Malan's collection aatured a fair amount of men's looks, which is a little surprising since this was womenswear week, but each look for a guy seemed to compliment additional looks for a female. Check out Malan's collection below!




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