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Sunday, September 28, 2014

I'm pretty sure I'm living in the wrong city! Don't get me wrong, I love Houston, but I LOVE New York City, specifically Manhattan! I really, REALLY love it there. Every time I go to the Big Apple, I never want to leave, but apparently I'm alone in this thinking amongst my friends and family! Many of them say they would never want to live in NYC, just visit!  Not me! Sign me up any day! My most recent trip to New York was of course for New York Fashion Week, Spring 2015 Collection Presentations. New York Fashion Week is roughly 8 days long, and if you're there for the long haul (like me), you want a nice hotel to stay in! If there's any city that has hotel options it's New York City.  There are hundreds, probably thousands of hotels to choose from in NYC, so what makes one hotel stick out from another? Well I'm on a mission to find out! I'm always trying to find unique hotels to stay in and that's where The Library Hotel comes in! I was accepted into their VIP "Writers  in Residence" program for a complimentary, one night stay during New York Fashion Week, and I happily accepted! The Library Hotel is apart of a chain of hotels under The Library Hotel Collection, and they have several other boutique hotels just in Manhattan alone! The Library Hotel intrigued me because I love books, and from the website I loved how everything was themed around being in a Library!
I loved the entry way to the hotel! The bronze doors and the name written in handwriting script was cute!
I took some shots of the hotel from outside. It's next to a cute restaurant called Madison & Vine!
The Library Hotel is located on Madison Avenue in the heart of Midtown Manhattan.  It's also located on the New York Public Library's Library Way
Library way is full of these bronze sidewalk inserts that you can read while you're walking around the blocks surrounding New York's Public Library! I took a bunch of pictures of the plates and I'll be posting those in a separate blog post!.

The flipping book logo is so perfect for The Library Hotel! I love their logo!

Check-In Desk with mock Library Card Catalogue
Our complimentary stay began on Day 4 of New York Fashion Week, Sunday September 7th. Fellow Houston Blogger, LeRenda Howard stayed with me at the hotel, and we headed over to check-in in between shows.  I instantly fell in love with the hotel just from the lobby. How cute is the mock card catalog behind the associates of the hotel. I checked in and we arrived just in time to enjoy their complimentary breakfast on the 2nd floor.

Lobby waiting area
You can actually check out books and take them to your room!
I kind of wanted to keep a Mug! Lately I've been obsessed with mug collecting!
What a great view of Madison Avenue and Mid-town from the eating area on the 2nd floor

I picked this little enclave to sit in! I loved the atmosphere of the dining room! Very "bookish!"
Hall way art included pictures represented by the different categories in a library catalog.
I was staying on floor 3, the Social Sciences hall. Each floor had a name that was projected on the wall right outside the elevators!
Even our room numbers fit into the Dewey Decimal system! Lord knows I needed to be in the Money room! #GetThatMoneyGirl...or more like #StopSpendingMoneyShasie
Plush Queen Bed
How cute is this pillow, and so true! I remember growing up trying to sneak read under the sheets after my parents turned the lights off for my sister and I to go to bed. I hid a flashlight under my pillow and would sneak read! Man I really need to find time to read more!

The 'Librarians' left me a little Thank You note and some chocolate! Nothing makes you feel at home than personal touches like this!

The room at night! It's very relaxing! I felt very homey!
Complimentary waters and logo emblem coasters and bottle opener!
Feeling a little hungry? Snacks available in every room! 
Since our room was the Money room all the books in our room had to deal with books! And if you wanted to watch movies, there was a DVD player too!
Safe, TV, Fridge were all tucked away in this fancy media closet. The doors actually slide into the side to provide more space in the room when they were opened.
When I returned later that night, the maid had left this weather report for us with chocolates! How #totesadorbs! I love the personal touch of this hotel. They really make you feel important, and cared for!
Of course I had to return to the outside of the hotel for some night-time shots!  I loved the bronze doors against the streetlights!

When guests check out, they are asked to note their favorite books in guest book. I drew a blank and just wrote Twilight and then I remembered that the Harry Potter series are my favorite books! I also drew a blank on the month (see scribble)! Don't judge me! I had New York Fashion Week Fog Brain.

Overall Experience
Yea.....I loved it! I can't say enough good things about it. I'm a big fan of boutique hotels because they are small and they really care about making it the best experience as possible for their guests. Boutique hotels pay attention to details, which make it super special and memorable. I'm ALWAYS going to remember The Library Hotel, and their unique offerings! It's strategically situated in one of the most popular areas of Manhattan  and close to all metro stops with tons of food and shopping within walking distance.  My only complaint? My stay wasn't long enough! I can't wait to go back!

Check out the other hotels in the Library Collection

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