Sunday, September 28, 2014

Live Life in Style is growing & I've decided to bring on an intern to assist me with the growing needs of running this site, and contributing to my other fashion industry outlets! I'm happy to introduce to you, Evelyn Casas, a student at the University of Houston! She'll be posting to the site and helping with numerous other activities for Live Life in Style! Read on to learn all about Evelyn!

My name is Evelyn and I attend the University of Houston. My major is Public Relations and my minor is in Consumer Science. I have many interests: photography, traveling and of course fashion!

I have a shih tzu named Buckie who I am obsessed with. He is the cutest little boy and even though he has been through many things he has proven to be a strong boy.

My favorite people in the world are my family and friends. A perfect Saturday night is going tomdinner and the movies, followed by one of my favorite things in the world: eating frozen yogurt! My family is amazing! I love spending Sunday nights with them and having movie nights with pizza and more frozen yogurt.

I am obsessed with bagels, frozen yogurt and red velvet cupcakes! During my free time, I like to swim and practice photography. I like to edit pictures and practice my Photoshop skills. I also like to read magazines and collect the pictures that I like from the magazines. Some of my favorite places to visit are antique shops. I love vintage stuff!

Even though I like to do many things, I enjoy travel and learning about fashion the most. My mom says I've always been into fashion and even as a kid I made sure I looked my best. Fashion is a way of expression and there's nothing more amazing than expressing yourself and of course who doesn't like to get dressed up!

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