EVENT RECAP: George Kotsiopoulos for Gap Fashion Show

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

To be honest, I don't think I've ever shopped at the GAP....not  once, but this all changed after August 10th. About 15 bloggers or so, were invited to attend the Gap Outlets' Fashion Show hosted by George Kotsiopoulos from E!'s Fashion Police at the Houston Premium Outlets.  We were invited to arrive before the show and interview George, and stay for the runway show.  I loved the looks that George styled for the models so much, that promptly after the show, I headed to the GAP Outlet and shopped liked crazy. It also helped that I won a $25 Gift Card that was taped under my chair!  As a plus-size gal, I always wonder if I can translate what I see on the runway into clothes for me, and was curious if I could even FIT into GAP clothes! Turns out, the GAP goes up to size 18! Yay! That's my size! Anyway, I left the outlets with a nice haul from he GAP and I can officially say that I've shopped at the GAP and it won't be my last time. 

After the blogger group interview (return to my blog later this week to read the interview) we took our seats for the show that started around noon. Prior to the fashion show, GAP and Houston Premium Outlets asked a couple local dance troupes to perform for the budding crowd around the tent that housed the fashion show. In addition to dance troupes, there were 4 people wearing GAP shirts and jeans on stilts, but they weren't the regular stilts that we're used to seeing...they were uber, fancy, hi-tech stilts.  They also helped attract a crowd to come see the show. 
To kick off the event, Houston Premium Outlets brought a couple local dance groups to perform before the show! They did a great job, but it was way too hot to be in those black outfits! 
GAP had models on these fun stilts! I kind of wanted to get on one. They look way more supportive than the traditional stilts. 
Strike a pose, there's nothin' to it! 
Since the fashion show was outside, each seat was prepped with hand fans for the guests to stay cool! 
Yummy mimosas and bottled water were also available to stay refreshed and cool! 
Cookies & Pastries

Once everyone took their seats it was time to start the show! The show, as mentioned was hosted by Style Expert and E!'s Fashion Police, George Kotsiopoulos and Stylists Ashley Dunn.
The first look reminded me of a high-school chic, especially with the varsity jacket- inspired cut and design of the cardigan. I loved it paired with the off-white jeans and the cute oxfords! 

Which look (s) did you like the best? 

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