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Monday, August 04, 2014

Anyone who knows me, especially my regular Makeup Artists, know that I'm not a big skin-care, beauty regime person. Maybe I should be, but I just don't like fussing around, trying out all these products and putting on 20 products a day.  I wash my face, and walk out the door...however, this all changed after my facial experience at Lush Cosmetics during our #GOHOUSTONGNO trip.  Lisa had booked facial time for all of us bloggers between 5 & 7 pm Friday night, but since I arrived around 6:30 pm to the hotel due to working, I didn't have time to do my facial before dinner at 7:30 pm. Since, I didn't want to rush the experience, I rescheduled my facial for 11 am the next day.  It was pretty convenient because Lush is apart of the same building as Hyatt Market Street, so I could literally trip out of bed into Lush.  

Facial Mask! Upon arrival I was outfitted with a smock and my Lush Associate pulled my hair back out of my face with a scarf. Hopefully this picture isn't scaring you! Ha!

I had such a great experience with my facial and learning all about Lush that I went a little crazy with a shopping haul, even after they gifted us with some complimentary samples and products, I wanted more! I really enjoyed my Lush attendant! We started off with wiping down my face and the very little makeup I had on prior too, and she went through all the products! While we were waiting for my mask to set, she took one of the Lush massage bars and massaged my arms and hands! Soooo relaxing! I need a live-in masseuse! 

The massage bars!
Arm massage! This is the life! My arms are always cramping from being on the computer and my phone too much!
Post mask face!
Sneaking in a smile before makeup time! Who knew Lush had actual makeup products? I mean I know they are called cosmetics, but I always assumed they were just bath and skin care, not actual eye and lipstick stuff! Learn something new everyday! 
I liked the name of the products my associate used on my face. I picked perspective for my lip color!
Here are the shades! The first three she used on my eyes!
I felt so naturally pretty and radiant! It's been over a week and I still feel that my face is glowing! 
After my facial I had the chance to chat with Lush Cosmetics - The Woodlands Market Street store manager Danielle and another Lush Cosmetics Associate to get the 411 on Lush. 

ST: What's it like? Being the Store Manager for such a fun store like Lush?

Danielle: Um I love it. I've actually worked my way up through every position you can have inside of a Lush retail shop. This will be my 6th year, this October, with Lush. I worked most of those positions in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and transferred here last Fall, to open up this lovely , brand new store in the Houston area

ST: Oh! So this store is fairly new! It hasn't even been a year yet! 

Danielle: Very new! We opened at the tail-end of October, so right around holiday time!

ST: I bet you guys were packed!

Danielle: Yes! We were.

ST: So is that where Lush started? Louisiana?

Danielle: We're actually an international company; we’re in 50 countries all over the globe. We started in the UK. About a year after Lush opened in the UK, Mark Wolverton, who’s our North American Ceo, shopped the store with his wife and asked Mike Constantine, the UK founder if he could bring it to North America. The first Lush stores were in Canada and then we opened one in San Francisco, which was our first US Shop.  Now we've officially opened our 200th store in North America. 

ST: Well congrats on being in charge of the newest store in the US. I think I stepped into Lush one time at the Memorial City Mall location, but since I’m not a big, crazy skin-care products person I don't think I stayed long. Having the opportunity to come in here and chat with you and your associates and receiving the facial has me impressed! Tell me what sets you apart from other cosmetics companies?

Associate: We’re a vegetarian cosmetics company. Around 80% of our products are also vegan.  This means that we use fresh and natural ingredients in our products and only a minimal amount of safe synthetics where absolutely necessary. When possible we completely nix those, like our Naked products. There are no synthetic preservatives in that line because we've taken water out of the process. 

ST: Love that! Most people look for organic, vegan & vegetarian foods, now they can look for it in products! Tell me more about the fight against animal testing.

Associate: We actively fight against animal testing. We actually have agreements with our suppliers where they can’t do any animal testing on anything we buy from them, or anything anyone else buys from them. We’re very gung ho about this. One of our co-founders Mike Constantine, has been battling this personally for 30 years and says he needs to see this ended in his lifetime. So he works really hard for it. We have a thing called the lush prize. It’s 2,050 lbs prize for anyone in the realm of animal rights, who either lobbies against animal testing, finds new research proving that animal testing doesn’t work, or finds different alternatives to animal testing.

ST: So anyone can start a campaign against animal testing?

Associate: They have to show some results from their campaign, but if you know someone, you can nominate them, and even if they don’t receive the full 2,050 lb prize, they’ll receive something else. 

ST: That's awesome! It's always good to motivate people to do the right thing!


Lush Associate doing a Bath Bomb demonstration!

I recorded the Bath Bomb  & Bath Melts Demo! Watch it below or HERE on YouTube.
Lisa Carey during her facial
Kristi Pelligren ready for the arm massage!
Bring on the makeup!

To learn more about Lush and visit The Woodlands Market Street location, visit the following sites:

*DISCLOSURE: I received products from Lush and a complimentary facial, thoughts and opinions are my own

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