EVENT RECAP: W.O.W. Summer Soiree with Laurel Berman

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I've been attending the Annual Women of Wardrobe (WOW) Summer Soirée pretty much since I moved to Houston. The event is held at Tootsies every year and benefits the non-profit organization, Dress for Success Houston. Women of Wardrobe is a young professional women's group based in Houston dedicated to supporting Dress for Success Houston. This year the ladies of W.O.W. invited fashion designer, Laurel Berman from the label Black Halo to host the swank soirée.  Laurel was super nice and mingled and took photos with the guests. 

Tootsies Store Manager Fady Armanious, Jewelry Designer Claudia Lobao, Dress for Success Houston Laura Levicki Courville,  Designer Laurel Berman, and KPRC 2 News Anchor Rachel McNeil
Guests were invited to shop the latest Black Halo collection and receive style tips from the designer. 100% of the proceeds from the evening's sales went back to Dress for Success Houston.  Prominent female news anchors and journalists had placards around the space, explaining why they were a member of W.O.W. And just in case that wasn't motivating enough, each guest received a flyer of the top 5 reasons to join W.O.W.

News Anchor: Sharron Melton and Rachel McNeil

The party definitely didn't lack sponsors! The girls for Neuro were on site handing out their magical concoctions for energy and sleep! We tested out the Neuro drinks at the Houston Fashion Bloggers Meetup last month, and I was thoroughly impressed. Also on the scene was Green Plate Foods, Eddy V's Prime Seafood, Slimritas, Radical Eats, Armandos and Local Foods.  

What a fun DJ! She was dancing for her picture and kept us jammin'!
Jewelry designer Claudia Lobao was also in town and guest could shop her featured trunk show and also receive style tips from the designer!
Claudia Lobao situating a piece of her jewelry on an admiring fan!
Viola! Hope she bought it! It looks fab!
Neal Hamil models showcasing the best in Black Halo's LBDs.


Featured displays for Laurel's Black Halo collection.

After about an hour or so, the speeches began, kicking off with News Anchor Rachel McNeil.

Followed by Fashion Designer, Laurel Berman.
And closed out by the Vice President of DFS Houston, Lauren Levicki Courville.
The chairs of the Summer Soiree event, Julie Longoria Chen, Katy Mayell Ellis and Lyndsey Johnson Zorich with Laurel Berman.
The event chairs received flowers for their work with W.O.W., the event and continued support of Dress for Success Houston!

To learn more about W.O.W., W.O.W. MEMBERSHIP, and DFS-Houston, check out the following sites:

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