EVENT RECAP: Fashion & Beauty Summer Survival at The Vanity Lounge

Sunday, August 10, 2014

A week or so ago, I met up with my blogger gal pals at The Vanity Lounge for their Fashion & Beauty Summer Survival event. It also served as an official introduction & meet and greet with The Vanity Lounge's new leading makeup artist, Aubrie Layne (pictured above, left).  In miraculous fashion I ended up arriving before most of the crowd (this never happens), and gravitated toward the food! LOL. I always feel so piggish at events that I go to right from work....but I never have a chance to eat in between! Don't judge me! Anyway, I snapped some pictures of the scene, and mingled with the guests. Around 6:30 or so, Diane Caplan, the owner of The Vanity Lounge, took the floor to welcome the guests and introduce Aubrie and the rest of the team at The Vanity Lounge. 

After introductions, each makeup artist spoke about their easy, beauty survival tips! My girl Cori Aston, makeup artist at The Vanity Lounge, who I met last summer during another event at the Lounge was of course there with her model looking on point! This was my first time meeting Aubrie and she seems so fun! VL seems like such a great place to work with all these wonderful ladies.  In addition to beauty tips from the talented makeup artists, hair stylists from Azur West (also located in the West Ave Shopping Center) were on hand to provide quick hair fixes with their Balmain hair extensions. The models also wore looks from Sam & Lilli boutique, whose owner's brought some of their boutique offerings across the street for us to shop at the event! I had a lot of fun hanging out with the girls & mingling! Check out photos from the event below. 

Diane addressing the crowd!
Diane getting a little emotional over her team! 

Cori (R) telling us the makeup she used on her model (L)
#NomNomNom. Mini red velvet cupcakes. You know what the problem is with mini cupcakes? You tell yourself, "Oh I can have a couple because they're so tiny"....and 15 cupcakes later....
Houston Fashion Bloggers, Cathereine (A Fashion Fiend) and Heather Petrey (LA Fashion Snob) with Stylist Kim Dunn!
Aubrie doing touchups on her model

Sam & Lilli Rack. Cute bathing suits!
I really liked this Fed....I may have to go bak and get it!
I also discovered that Diane sells her own jewelry line, Scout. Items from Scout were on display and available for purchase. Sales from Scout benefit a local charity.

I liked the studded clutch and this top hat necklace from Scout.

Nikki came in with short hair and had the Azur stylists quickly had extensions! You can't even tell!
Brittany Boone up next for quick hair extensions!

Before heading to dinner after the event, we of course had to stop for photos! Above I captured Nikki taking a picture of Heather's #ootn.
I wore this look to work! The blue T-Shirt is actually a work polo! LOLOL. Adding the wrap from Shawl Dawls, the pumps, and the handbag, dressed up my look!
I'm still on a mission to find jeans that fit me properly at this size. I may have to get them all altered! I hate that sag at the crouch!
I had to take a picture of Nikki's Kate Spade camera bag. Not only is the bag the epitome of cuteness, but she just graduated from school as a professional photographer, so it's the PERFECT handbag for her!
It was so lovely meeting one of our newest members, Jillian Williams (Jillian's Styling) for the first time in person at the event!
For more information on The Vanity Lounge and to book an appointment check out the following sites:

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