EVENT RECAP: 1st Annual Woman 2 Woman Conference

Saturday, August 09, 2014

August 2nd, I was privileged to participate in TBLE (Total Beauty Ladies Events)'s 1st Annual Woman 2 Woman Empowerment Conference as a panelist.  Shunte, CEO & Founder of TBLE had asked me a few months ago if I would like to be on the panel for the event, and I of course said yes! Y'all may not know this about me....but I'm a talker (Shocker)! Hahaha, and I love to talk about topics that I feel somewhat knowledgeable about, such as fashion blogging, and my life as a fashion blogger, so I was amped and ready to go.  The conference was broken into 2 parts: The AM Conference, and the PM Awards Luncheon. I was a panelist during the PM portion, but I definitely wanted to attend the AM conference and it was sooooooo rewarding! 

The AM Conference kicked off with light mingling over breakfast, while everyone arrived and grabbed some yummy treats and coffee.  Then we moved over to the other side of the conference space to create Affirmation Nametags.  It was explained that we needed to take the first letter of our first name and come up with a name that described us and write that, & our name on the nametags. I did Super Shasie. Once we had our names, we put the same name on brown paper bags that we stacked up to receive affirmations from guests of the conference throughout the day! At the end of the morning, everyone had a bag full of empowering statements to take home with them!

After our bags were set, our key-note speaker, Alexis Herron gave an encouraging, dynamic, engaging, & interactive speech on goal setting themed to Beyonce's "I Woke Up Like This".  Basically the message was know your worth & never give up!  You woke up this morning because you have a purpose. It was really powerful, and I took so many notes! 

Apart of Alexis's interactive speech was having everyone at the table write down a goal and pass them around until we each had a goal that wasn't ours.  Then one person from each table stood up to read the goal they received and were asked to offer at least one method of achieving their goal.  The purpose was to show that connections are very important, and connect with other people can help you achieve your goals. 

Between the Keynote Speaker and the Teambuilding session, Shunte awarded Jackie Adams, owner of Melodrama Boutique, with the Woman of the Year award! Congrats to Jackie! You might also recognize Jackie from my FGI-Houston Event Coverage on Shop Talk: 
Jackie with her Award and Shunte I think pretending to get out of the photo but really perfectly ready for the photo.
After Jackie's award and a brief break to leave affirmation statements for each other, Shunte Davis kicked off the team-building workshop. First she shook us up, but having us switch seats and sit with people we didn't know. Each table receive a black bag with an item inside. Each table had 3 minutes to come up with an elevator pitch to promote their product, resulting in a buy or try.  We then had 1 minute to deliver our speil, commercial. This was sooo funny! Everyone had unique ideas for promoting their tables products! 

Portable Scale
Wine Glass
The final workshop of the AM conference was led by Shana Taylor, and focused on creating a vision board.  All of us were able to start our vision boards for what we want in our lives. Shana, Shunte, and Alexis were both super inspiring, telling us how their visions on their boards had come to fruition.  
This wasn't my first time making a vision board, as I made a wall-sized one about 2 years ago, but this is the first time, I made a portable one. I was getting so into my vision board making that I didn't want to stop working on it to head over to the luncheon! LOL! 

Most of the AM Conference attendees stayed for the PM Portion of the Conference, and joined the luncheon-only attendees.  During lunch, myself, Dr. Shiree Berry, Comedian Rayla Scott, and Marketing Guru Arnaecia Aldridge spoke to the ladies from the panel.  We answered such questions as, 
"How do you deal with woman being catty?"
"How did you know this was your passion?"
"What's the best way to increase self-esteem and feeling good about oneselves?" and more.  I had an amazing time participating on the panel, but an even better time participating in the conference and learning from all the leaders and woman around me! It was a great time, and I can't wait to attend next year! 

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  1. Great recap sis! I relived the moments reading it!!! Nice meeting you at the conference! (I was the pen seller!!! :-)


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