WHAT THEY WORE: Party in Pink

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

It's always fun to attend a party with a theme because you can see how everyone interprets the theme, or purposely rebels against it. For the "Pink" Party, one would expect everyone to be in some shade of pink, and for the most party everyone was, but there were definitely some rebels out there! Check out some of the fashions I spotted at the party.
Michele Meyers and her date decided to rebel and wear all black!
These two definitely look ready for a fun, beach vacation!

Hot pink to pink

Peaches and Tan, but super cute!
These VIP ladies were looking quite stylish!
Yasmin Haddad went all out with a pink wig
Sarah and I went back for the Step & Repeat!
I ran into some fellow Houston Bloggers, Jayme Lamm, Mishelle Echeverria, & Bethany Michels Buchanan

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  1. nice post! looks like you guys had tons of fun!!!




  2. I do have clothes in pink but more in other colours. xoxo


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