WHAT I WORE: Crotchet, Distressed and Stripes

Monday, July 07, 2014

Recently I realized that I don't own enough shorts....yea...And being that I live in Houston, there's no way I'm going through a whole summer with out more options for shorts. So I ordered a few cute ones from Forever 21 during my crazy shopping haul a few weeks ago, including these distressed shorts.  I really like them. They're a little baggy in the back, but I kind of like it. It's more of a boyfriend jean fit versus a so tight and so short I can't breathe fit. However, I may go to my tailor and have her take them in just a little bit in the seat. Do you guys go to tailors when things don't fit perfectly? 

I decided to wear this outfit last Saturday, which turned out to be a rainy, miserable day in Houston requiring an umbrella.  I love my transparent Macy's umbrella, so I was sure to keep it handy for any spontaneous raindrops and apparently these photos.  Honestly I forgot it was in my hand, but it kind of worked out.   I'm getting back into crotchet, & lace overlays too.  I thought it would be cool to wear this overlay over my striped top. It would give the illusion of mixed print, without actually being mixed print. 

Sunglasses: MICHAEL Michael Kors (similar)
Necklace: Baublebar
Crotchet Top: Forever 21+
Striped Top: Forever 21+ (similar)
Shorts: Forever 21+
Pumps: Chinese Laundry (similar)




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  1. That is a beautiful crochett top. I have been in the look out for something similar and no luck :(. Also love the pop of mint with the shoes. Just perfect!

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