Sunday, July 27, 2014

I love experiencing other cultures, especially any traditional garbs associated with said culture. Last Saturday, I explored traditional South Asian Bridal attire through the Bridal Extravaganza Show! I was invited to attend the show as Blogger Press and cover the South Asian Fashion Show at 3pm.  The show featured bridal fashions from Prashe, a custom clothier and event design company focusing on South Asian weddings and events.  I really enjoyed the show. It was full of color and shiny embellishments, and everyone knows I love the shinies! I  also loved the he rich hues of the lehengas (yes I had to look that up), and the sheer Saris with the embellished trims! The looks were absolutely stunning! Honestly, it's to the point that I want to be married in one of these over the traditional white wedding dress!  Even the grooms' apparel was embellished with rich designs and scarves (didn't hurt that the male models were fine)! 

The femals models were decked out in fabulous pieces of jewelry, from long chandelier earrings to statement necklaces and bangles.  They also wore the traditional Bindi (forehead decoration) and some were styled with head/hair pieces.  My favorite part of the runway show? The two actual brides they had come down the runway at the end in their actual bridal gowns worn at their respective weddings. I really enjoyed the show, and wish it had been longer! I could have watched those garments come down the runway all day! 

So which dress was my favorite? This one!

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