Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Joules 4

It's that time of year where everyone is going on vacation (Except for me!). Whether you are taking a trip with friends, family, or a significant other, you'll need some fashionable vacation clothes to take with you! Enter  Joules is a British lifestyle brand, that has an entire website dedicated to shopping & shipping in the US.  Joules has been around in the UK for over 3 decades and as a lifestyle brand, they offer everything from baby clothes to gifts. is easy to navigate and they offer curated looks under collection shops for Women, Men, Boys & Girls.  For today's post I'm featuring Live Life in Style picks from their Vacation Shop collection. 
Joules 1

I love these two dresses! The floral print dress with the surplice neckline is flattering on a lot of figures and doubles as a beach cover-up.  The perforated white sheath dress is great for brunch when you wake up on vacation. 

Joules 2

Joules USA by shasie featuring MEDINA & PETUNIA Skirts
So everyone knows I love a good Chevron stripe. Did you know I also love basic stripes? Well I do! Out of the skirts offered in Joules USA' vacation shop I picked these two for their stripes! Their neutral colors allow them to be paired with any top.  I decided to style the skirts with 2 bright, but casual shirt offerings from Joules.  Great for a day of shopping while on vacation. 

Joules 3

And what's vacation if you aren't in the pool or on the beach!? I love the print on these two bathing suits and I love that I have the option of choosing bikini or one piece.  

How did you like my picks? Want to give Joules USA a try? You can find them on the following social media sites:

*DISCLOSURE: This is a sponsored post, thoughts, picks and opinions are my own. 

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