Friday, July 04, 2014

In my opinion, Houston's media and top fashion industry outlets forget to focus on all of the Fashion Designers in this city.  I mean, come on! Houston is the 4th largest city in the country and the same 3-4 designers are always featured. Don't get me wrong, I love the designers that they feature, and enjoy supporting them too, but what about the rest? We have tons of designers in Houston that I feel go unnoticed and I would love to be part of the change to get them more exposure.  So when I heard that the 3rd Annual Summer Street Arts Festival would have a fashion show component featuring local designers, I had to be there! I'm soooooo glad I was able to make the show.  I only knew two of the designers before the show: Chester Paul Roberts and Tarsha Williams of Delmonicole. I featured Tarsha on my blog a while back for Fan Feature Friday here! In addition to seeing their collections I was privy to 4 others; Max Benitez, Hello Lucky, Forgotten Arts Clothing, & Bad is the New Good by Shina Rae. I thought all the collections were distinct and refreshing.  Not one collection looked liked the rest.  Scroll though the collections below to read my thoughts and opinions on each one. 

Up first is AIH student Max Benitez.  I thought Max's collection was the most impressive as far as construction.  Even though the colors were minimalist in design, the silhouettes were anything but.  Honestly, his presentation with the models, hair, makeup and clothes looked like it could have came straight out of Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week. 

Chester's collection used some of my favorite colors right now! Pastels! The first V-neck, A-line dress was so pretty and I'd imagine any woman would feel sexy in it.  My favorite pieces from the collection were the gingham dresses, particularily the yellow one.  I loved the fit of the dress and the color looked so amazing on the model, that I need it in my life!! I like how Chester also incorporated menswear. The menswear looks reminded me of men on a resort trip...a resort collection!

As previously mentioned, this is not the first time Tarsha and her collections have appeared on Live Life in Style, but it is the first time I was able to see her clothes live on a runway! This was my favorite collection, and I'm not being biased because I've featured her before, but every single look was fab and perfect for a woman's figure. I love the long sleeveless vest in the first look, the sheer cut-outs on the grey and white dresses, and those fabulous yellow pants!! UGH!!! I need those pants!! And let's talk about that amazing yellow skirt with the black and white assymetric overlay? How cute! Definitely enhances the butt, and since I need all the distraction I can get from my tummy, I want it! 

This runway was probably the one that least appealed to me. I love a great boho style, but not for me.  I did find the scrunched seams and peek-a-boo slits fun on the maxi skirts, and I love how they showcased the versatility of the skirts by pairing them with different tops.  My favorite part? The floral hair accessories! As you can see from my recent OOTD posts, I love a good floral hair accessory!

I don't know where I wear these clothes, but can we say FUN!?   This collection is definitely for the confident woman who doesn't mind showing lots of skin.  It appeared to me to be a mashup of 60s meets Amazon Warrior.  I highly enjoyed the makeup...maybe too much! It might have detracted from the looks, but they definitely went together.  Ironically my favorite look was not one of the tie-dye fringe pieces, but the off-the-shoulder crop-top with the pencil skirt. 

While I didn't find this collection as cohesive as the others, (meaning each piece could have belonged to another collection, but not necessarily together), I did enjoy the looks! The polka dot dress is especially adorbs and I feel the model was styled perfectly for the look. My favorite piece? The very last one with that upright hair and fabulous jacket. 

Which collection(s) did you like the best? 

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  1. I really like the DELMONICOLE and BAD IS THE NEW GOOD BY SHINA RAE pieces. Nice.


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