Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Who doesn't love a Girl's Night Out every once in awhile? Especially, a Girls Night Out (GNO) that includes a complimentary, overnight stay at the swank Hyatt Market Street Hotel, in Houston's upscale neighborhood, The Woodlands? ME! ME! ME! And that's exactly where I found myself Friday night, having a good 'ol time with fellow bloggers, Lisa Carey, Dawn Monroe, Kristi Pelligren, Courtney Solstad, Arena Blake & Lori Pace.  How did this Houston 'Staycation' come about, you ask? Well, as you all know, I'm a networking and I network with bloggers, but I don't just limit myself to fashion bloggers. I'm in a bunch of Houston blogging groups, including Lisa Carey's Creative Social Media Bloggers' group on Facebook.

Lisa is a top Houston Blogger and blogs at Money, Saving Parent and New Creative Media and is constantly doing fun things for her blog. Recently, Lisa has taken up travel campaigns!  Lisa was looking for bloggers to join her on an overnight GNO trip to the Woodlands. I applied...and got the job! I had a hard time accepting the offer...she REALLLLLYYY had to twist my arm! Ha! Our GNO trip kicked off Friday night...well for me anyway, others were able to arrive at 2pm! I had to work and wasn't able to check-in until 6pm! Let me just say....I think I'm in love with Hyatt Market Street.  
I pulled up right in front and the friendly valet staff was there to greet me! They happily assisted me with my bag (even though I told them I got this.  I'm so used to being that Independent chick, I can and will do everything myself chick that every now and then it's nice to let someone help you!)
It was pretty convenient that the Hotel shared the same store front area with Langford Market and Lush Cosmetics, especially since we had a 6pm date with Lush (another blog, another day)!
Also if  you follow me on instagram, you know I LOVE staying in Hotels...I'm that person...a Hotel Snob! I love everything about hotels,  from the hotel's ambiance, to the plush beds, to room service! I definitely took a lot of pictures of the hotel itself, including this amazing entry with contemporary design, staircase, and dangling chandelier. 

Where there's a mirror, there's a blogger ready to snap a picture! I loved the fresh flowers everywhere and the woodsy feel of the hotel! 
I stayed in room 307! I even snapped a picture of the room number because I liked the tree branch.
Loved the bathroom! Huge walk-in shower with a seat in the shower and a granite counter top? Loved! 
Snap, Snap!
Want to know something cool about the bathroom? This picture is on both sides of the wall. It's a translucent window between the bathroom and the room. On the bathroom side it serves as a cut-away in the wall, and on the bedroom side it serves as a framed picture! You can see the ceiling light in the bathroom from the room in the second pic. 

The seat in the shower...just in case you wanted to hang out in there! 

Amazing King-Sized Bed  and textured wall-paper!
After taking in the gigantic bed, with many a pillow option, I turned around and found another fun surprise from Hyatt! Chocolates, a welcome note and a goodie bag full of ...well...goodies!
So nice of them!
I enjoyed my personal note from my room attendant, Maria!
Contemporary desk with lots of available plugs. However, I was sad that there were no available plugs near my bed. I ended up unplugging the clock and the lamp to plug in my laptop and phone! As a blogger, my electronics need to be near me, and fully charged at all times! lol!  
Just in case! 
How did they know I was into fashion? 
Great view from my room of the outdoor pool/patio area and Market Street. 

Are these named after John Jacob Astor? Who knows, but they're supposed to help relax you and help you sleep! 
Fully stocked mini-bar and fridge
Nice TV, but I managed to stay the whole trip and never turned it on!
After returning from the Friday night festivities, I wasted NO TIME shedding the clothes and hopping into the hotel robe! 
ahhhh.....I love hotels!
For more information on Hyatt Market Street visit the following sites:

*DISCLAIMER: Hotel Stay was complimentary, but the thoughts and opinions are my own.

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