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Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Galian Handbags

I love a good handbag! And who doesn't? Do you know what's even better than a great handbag? A great handbag at a reasonable price! Enter Galian New York handbags. I first discovered Galian handbags last October at LuckyFabb in New York. I had paid for a VIP ticket, and with a VIP ticket you were able to enter the VIP Gifting suite.  In the gifting suite tones of brands from L'Occitane to Modcloth were on hand gifting bloggers with products. La Rue Pr was on hand representing Galian New York and we were able to choose a handbag. I choose the Blake Messenger bag:

Blake Messenger in Black
However, I received so much stuff during Lucky Fabb that a lot of what I was gifted stayed inside the swag bag for months! When I moved this past february I went through the bag and rediscovered my pick and I've been in love ever since! Everywhere I go with this messenger bag, people ask me about it, so I figured I'd go ahead and blog about it!  Since I received the bag for free and I think it's a quality bag, I was curious on the price point, so I headed over to to see the price...How shocked was I when I discovered this bag was only $75!!!! Are you kidding me!?! Handbags under $100! So of course I started browsing the rest of the website and picked out a few more favorites that I would love to have in my closet one day!





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