EVENT RECAP: Freedom Over Texas with Jennifer Nettles, Chip Esten & Clare Bowen

Saturday, July 12, 2014

It's not the 4th of July to me unless I see fireworks...and they can't be "dinky, little, I could have set them off in my backyard" fireworks, but a big show! And that's what I got at the finale of Houston's Southwest Freedom Over Texas event last Friday.  Waiting patiently from 4:45pm till after 10 because of a lightning delay, my friends Valerie, Marquita and I stayed the whole time at the event! It was a lot of fun, even if we got rained on for 30 minutes.  The setup this year was a bit different than last year. Instead of the main stage being on Allen Parkway, they moved the stage into the valley area of Eleanor Tinsley park, allowing for more space for the 1000s that eventually arrived. Since we arrived so early, we snagged prime seats near the stage and were able to see everything up front and center (errr off to the left).   One of my favorite parts of the event was Budlight's Beach Bash, complete with beach balls, margaritas, and sand! I literally thought like I had been transported to a beach! I grabbed a couple hotdogs and a fun flamingo drink holder thing and settled in to enjoy the acts. We sat through the different musical acts and presentations on the mainstage, which included Country Superstar Jennifer Nettles, and ABC Nashville Stars Chip Esten and Clare Bowen. The presentations included an American flag presentation to wounded military personnel and a gifted, fully paid off house and a years supply of Dr. Pepper and Snapple to a wounded war veteran.  Rebecca Spera, host of Live Well Network's Mirror/Mirror TV show raffled off a guitar signed by Jennifer Nettles (I was kind of jealous...). 

My favorite part (as eluded too in my #OOTD post) was seeing Chip Esten and Clare Bowen. I love the show Nashville, and because of this, I've become a fan of country music, and seeing two stars from the show was really fun!  I had never heard of Jennifer Nettles (not being a country fan and all before season 1 of Nashville), but I really enjoyed her too! She has some great songs, and a lot of soul! Chick even brought an organ out on the stage with her! At one point she even asked the girls in the audience for a hair tie! She was super down-to-earth and relatable! I love singers like that. I definitely went home and purchased some J. Nettle's music! 

The new setup at Freedom Over Texas
Budlight's Beach Bash

Pretty empty around 5pm...but just wait
Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee doing the Flag Presentation
93Q Radio DJs
Ernest Walker Band dancing to Happy!
Yes....it was about to rain! 
Didn't seem to matter to these people!
Up on Allen Parkway, more action and food!

Hmm...starting to get a tad more crowded.
Chip Esten (Nashville's Deacon Claybourne) on stage!

Clare Bowen (Nashville's Scarlett O'Connor) came out and sang a duet with Chip.

Way more people now!

Jennifer Nettles!


Hope you had a great 4th of July!

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