Friday, June 13, 2014

I love my Pittsburgh friends! I just wish I was able to see them more often, but living 100s of miles away in Houston does not allow this. So whenever I go home I try to see as many of them as I can! Since my stint home in Pittsburgh for Memorial Day Weekend was so short, we decided to all do a group dinner. What I love about my friends back home is that no matter how long it's been since I've seen them, when we regroup it's like we've only been separated by a day.  I love that! For dinner my brother (I call Brandon my brother, he's not my brother by blood, but we're sis and bro!) Brandon suggested The Melting Pot.  This was my first time eating at The Melting Pot and while is was a cool and yummy experience I don't know if I'd go again! Ha! It was a lot of work! Well at least the third course was a lot of work.  I like my food to just come out to me already cooked! 
Of course I took a picture of the colorful skewers....pretttttttttyyyyyyyyyyy
For the first course at The Melting Pot you're able to pick which 2 cheeses you want for the table. I can't remember what we ordered but both of them were pretty good. The waiter then comes out and prepares the fondues for you and gives you a plethora of things to dip in the fondue: Apples, Bread, Chips, Veggies, etc. This was probably my second favorite course because I love cheese and cheese makes the world go round. The second course is salad...which is the same as any salad at any restaurant so I did not take pictures. lol 

I added a yummy cocktail to my dinner
I thought this gigantic wine glass was pretty cool
Skipping to the meat course. Again you get to choose for this course, but instead you are choosing cook styles which will change the tastes of the meats.  Once you choose the cook style you can pick which meat dishes you want.  This was probably my least favorite part of the meal and not because the food wasn't good, but because it was a lot of work! The waiter brings all of your meat to you raw and there are cooking times for each type of meat depending on which oil style you decide to skew it in.  On average each piece was about 2 minutes, and I kept loosing count,  But after awhile it became fun just trying to keep our meats on the skewers and not loose them in the oil abyss. 

I picked the raw chicken, beef, & shrimp plate.

We also had dipping sauces for the cooked meants and batter to skew the meats with. 
Fourth Course: Chocolate
And my personal favorite course, the chocolate. Like the cheese course you get to choose the 2 chocolate fondues that you want to use and again I can't remember the ones we picked but they were yuuuuummmy. The waiter prepares the fondues for you and we had one with a fancy flambe for the one closest to me. We had everything from strawberries to marshmallows to dip in the chocolate.

Dipping options galore!
What is that City Alcohol Tax on my bill? SMH!
 Tim, Shannon, Me, Brandon & Tara!
It was a great night of good conversation and catching up with my friends!

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  1. Yes...I like this place but it is a lot of work! Lol Every time I have gone and done all 4 courses, I was up in the re for at least 3 to 4 hours smh lol

    1. Yea the food was great but we were there for 3.5 hours! lolol. But it was fun!


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