Monday, June 02, 2014

I love that I've made so many friends through blogging in Houston! One of them, Nicole Kestenbaum from My Beauty Bag and Nicole Kestenbaum Photography recently graduated from HCC with a degree in Photography! I'm so happy for her! Photography is definitely this girl's passion.  To celebrate, Nikki hosted a graduation party/house-warming party with her hubby Miguel a few weekend's ago and I definitely made it a point to attend! I met member's of Nikki's family & friends and had a great time. It was such a nice day for a party!

Just a few of the presents brought for Nikki!
Such a cute house!

Food, food and more food! What's a party without food? #NomNomNom
People were even outside with the puppy Bam-Bam. I love these huge windows facing the backyard! Tons of sunlight!
Some yummy alcoholic beverages for the adults!
Keeping the kiddos entertained

The graduate! Doesn't she look gorgeous in this salmon color hi-lo dress?
Nikki and her hubby Miguel. To celebrate I decided to wear one of my favorite fascinators to the party

With the graduate!

I had to have some of this yummy cake before I left and how cute are these party favor camera cookies?

I love receiving snail mail invitations! It's nice considering everything is so digital and doesn't come from the heart now!

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