EVENT RECAP: Little Black Dress Designer

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A few weeks ago I attended the 6th Annual Little Black Dress Designer event with my girl Sarah Pendley (Houstonia Magazine Writer and SarahTheresa.com).  If you remember from my Little Black Dress Designer (LBDD) Kick-off party post, LBDD is a statewide competition for fashion students and emerging designers to win scholarship money to pursue their designer dreams.  The competitors are asked to design a unique Little Black Dress (LBD).  100s apply to be in the competition and a final 10 are chosen for Houston and a final 10 for Dallas.  The judges are well-known members of each city's Fashion communities.  The Houston Competition was held May 21st at House of Blues.  To kick off the evening, press and VIP guests were invited to a pre-party in House of Blues' Foundation Room.  I really like this room! I've only been here 2 other times before this event and I love the decor and ambiance.  

Some friend FGI-Houston faces to check us in!
Guests had a fun time posing with the Audrey Hepburn Waitress
3 of the 10  LBDD Muses (more on this later): Ursaline Hamilton, Jessica Rossman & Donae Chramosta
Sarah getting a shot for Houstonia Magazine
After the pre-party guests were directed into the main arena of House of Blues to enjoy the show. But what would a fashion event of this level be without a step & repeat. Sarah and I of course had to stop to take some photos (next blog post). And then there was a larger than life Audrey Hepburn! We also took pictures with her. 

VIP tables in the front for guests and press. Standing was available upstairs.
I thought this DVD was a DVD all about LBDD, but turns out it's an audio soundtrack with some jammin' tunes!

Of course I took a picture of these Neal Hamil Models ushering the event. 
After everyone took their seats the show kicked off with a couple of dance numbers and selfie-taking, LBDD creator Jeff Shell giving an introduction to the evening's event and the background of LBDD. We were also privy to a fancy video all about LBDD showing both Dallas and Houston events from the 2014 season. 

Ever since the Oscar selfies, people have been going above and beyond to out-do them! LOL

The Fashion Show kicked off with the 10 LBDs from the Dallas Competition that occurred a week prior House of Blues Dallas, followed by the 10 dress entries for the Houston Competition. 

The 2014 Event Honoree was Julie Anderson-Frankel
Each designer and their LBD was paired with a muse.  The muse and the designer will work together to tailor the dresses to their muses.  All ten muses were women that embody fashion & style and know what they like and are well-known in the Houston social scene. 

Art Institute: Daniel Amaya
Muse: Theresa Roemer
Art Institute: Natthakan Chomphuwiset
Muse: Jessica Rossman
HCC: Claire Ferran
Muse: Ursaline Hamilton
HCC: Andrea Giralt-Brun
Muse: Roseann Rogers
HCC: Judi Hallenbeck
Muse: Holly Waltrip
HCC: Joubaier Joubert
Muse: Beth Muecke
Art Institute: Phuong Thao Le
Muse: Yasmine Haddad
University of Houston: Jeannie Ly
Muse: Judy Nyquist
HCC Gabby Ong
Muse: Lucinda Loya
HCC Diana Perkins
Muse: Donae Chromasta
After the designers were paired with their muses they were then paired with experienced Houston Fashion Designers to mentor them in their work with the muses.

Mentors Chloe Dao & Sameera Faridi

Mentors Viet Nguyen & David Peck

Mentor Toni Whitaker
All the designers with their mentors & Jeff Shell,
After all of this the winners of the competition were announced!
All of the LBDs
All of the designers

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  1. It seems a great event. I would love to have the chance of going to one of them near of my village. When I'm invited, they are usually far.

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