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Saturday, June 07, 2014

I finally made my first Houston Blogger Social Club meetup! I've been in the group for awhile, but never seemed to make an event.  On June 1st, Whitney organized a meetup for us at TopGolf's newest location in Spring, Texas.  I've never been to a driving range and I can't say I'm a golf fan, but decided to go &  meet some of the other bloggers in the group.  After experiencing this state of the art driving range, I could see how golfing could be fun! Well at least at TopGolf! TopGolf hosted our event for free providing 3 hours of play, free food and soda and water and we paid for any alcoholic beverages. The meetup was from 5-8 pm and it took me about 45 minutes to get there since the location is so far North of Houston, but it was worth it! For my attire? I of course wore my Top Golf shirt that I received for free a few months ago at The Woodlands Mall from a TopGolf Houston North marketing rep. 

I knew I had arrived at Top Golf because of the high fences that rose into the air that are visible from the highway.
Golfing here is a lot like bowling! There are lanes with lounge chairs that you rent for a certain amount of time. There's 3 floors of these lanes.
You can of course bring your own clubs, but if you don't own a set, you can use the clubs available at each lane.  They are categorized by men & ladies and by yardage. 
Up first for my team was Whitney! Go Whitney!
Then it was Meg's turn!
This computer screen kept track of each players score.  One game per person equals 20 rounds, so to keep it from being monotonous we switched players after every 5 plays.  
For the blogger event we each received TopGolf cards. If you become a TopGolf Member you receive a personalized card that keeps your stats and it's only $5.00!
Each lane area has TV screens that can play TV and show each players score as they golf and you can see the row of driving lanes

So how does it work? Once you pick out your club, you wave the club over the sensor and the golf ball comes out.  The map shows the different strike areas. Each golf ball has a chip in it and if it lands in one of circles you receive a set number of points depending on where in the circled it landed.  If your ball lands on the green or in the sand you get 0 points.
One of the bloggers, Amy had to show me how to stand, etc. After awhile I started getting really competitive with myself. Each game I had to do better and with each turn I wanted to drive the ball further! lol.  I got really frustrated if I missed hitting the golf ball!
I think I still need to work on my stance and
For my first round I scored a 34, Round 2 a 52 and....
Round 3 a 78!!! Practice makes perfect!
As previously mentioned TopGolf provided complimentary food for our enjoyment.  They have a very impressive menu of yummy food!
The food started off with these yummy nachos and just kept coming! It got to the point where I literally couldn't put anymore food in my mouth or I would have exploded.
I did purchase a yummy cocktail that made me think of an orange creamsicle. TopGolf also booked one of the party rooms directly behind our lanes for even more food! I swear everyone, everywhere is on a Mason jar kick! 

What would a blogger event be if we didn't take pictures of the food first before we ate it? lol
Pizza, Wings, & Dipping Sauce
Donut holes and fillers! When I first saw this setup I thought we were supposed to take syringes full of chocolate, strawberry and icing and pour it over the donut holes, but Whitney clued me in on the real use! You inject the donut holes with the fillings....yea I had more than a few of these...
Yum! White chocolate strawberries. I so want to have a birthday party here!
Yes, they taste as yummy as they look in this picture.


All of the Houston Bloggers in Attendance!

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