EVENT RECAP: Ford Ecoboost Challenge - Media Preview

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sometimes I get invited to events that have nothing to do with Fashion, but I have an interest in attending because they call to my other interests! Like all of these car events I've been attending lately. Last Friday, I attended the Ford Ecoboost Challenge Media Preview event here in Houston at Reliant Park. I've been receiving invites to Ford events for awhile, but I could never attend because they were always during work hours.  Fortunately this event occurred on my Friday off so I was able to attend and I invited one of my co-workers and his girlfriend to come with me because he had Friday off too! 

Harry and Ashley
If you watch TV, you've probably seen the Ford Ecoboost commercials where Ford lets consumers drive and compare Ford vehicles to other popular cars in the industry.   Ford takes the Ecoboost Challenge across the country and Houston was one of their stops.  We were able to test drive the cars before the event opened to the public by going to the media preview. The event started at 9am with breakfast and a chat with Ford Model reps. Then we were let loose to get in line for the test drive courses.  There's actually 3 courses available at the Ecoboost Challenge:

Performance Course: Ford Fiesta ST
Hybrid Challenge: Ford C-Max vs Toyota Prius
Ecoboost Challenge: Ford Fusion vs Toyota Camry, Ford Escape vs Honda CR-V, Ford F-150 vs Chevy Silverado

At the Fiesta ST Course I ran into my girl, Courtney Perna. Courtney Perna is a Great Day Houston Producer and Correspondent for KHOU 11.  She was there doing a live segment for the Friday edition of Great Day Houston. Of course we had to stop and take some photos! 

We were joking that we were the only 2 that would show up in heels to test-drive track
Then Courtney suggested that we try to model with the cars.

I thought this little red car was cute! And I took to it because it had my initials ST. 

Breakfast and snacks

In line at the Performance Academy Track
Receiving instructions for driving the Fiesta ST. Unfortunately I don't know how to drive stick so I had to drive with the racecar driver which was awesome! 
Then we got in line for the Ecoboost Challenge and received more instructions.

I was definitely interested in testing the Fusion vs the Camry because I own a camry.  My camry is only a 4-cyl camry and the one for this test course was a 6 cyl, so already the camry in the test was more powerful than the one I own.  I think the Fusion got up to speed faster, but I thought they were both smooth rides.  The track in which I noticed the biggest difference was the Ford Escape vs the Honda CR-V. I was not impressed with the CR-V at all and the Escape blew it out of the water.  I did enjoy doing the truck track with the silverado and the F-150.  Driving those trucks was fun! I thought the F-150 was a nicer vehicle on the inside. If I were ever in the market to get a truck, I would probably by an F-150.

Last but not least I headed over to the Hybrid Challenge

I definitely liked the Ford C-Max over the Prius because the inside of the C-Max wasn't confusing like inside the Prius! Overall it was a fun day of driving cars and hanging out! I can't wait until they come back. 

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