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So my Memorial Day didn't go exactly as I had planned, thanks to the "lovely" weather Houston was having...and by lovely, I mean Tornado and Severe Thunderstorm Warnings.  I scheduled my flight back to Houston bright and early on Monday to spend the day at the pool, but of course those plans were deterred. Outside of spending the day by the pool, I was also invited to participate in an exclusive event with Lincoln Motor Company and Sparrow Bar & Cookshop.  The event was called Lincoln Driven 2 Dine, and guests were invited to come and drive the 2014 models from Lincoln's fleet of cars and then enjoy a free 3-course meal at Sparrow.  I've always been a fan of Lincolns. I remember growing up being in love with the Lincoln Town Car and the Lincoln Mark.  My friends would make fun of me and say that the Lincoln Town Car was an "old person's" car, but I didn't care.  Something about the car spoke "BOSS" to me.  How awesome to be picked up in a Lincoln Town Car to go here and there? Anyway I happily accepted the offer to attend this event and invited my friend Viviana to go with me!

Upon arrival and after leaving my car with the complimentary valet and being umbrella escorted to the tent, I registered for the event and received this Lincoln Card to complete the survey at the end of the test drive. 
When I arrived it was raining too much to take advantage of the Step & Repeat, but we were able to take photos in front of it later!
Some of the Lincoln's available to test drive
We picked to test drive the new Lincoln MKZ non-hybrid
Unfortunately, because the weather was so crappy that day we were no longer able to drive the cars :-(, but this worked out because we were able to really explore the car and ask a whole bunch of questions. 
So what did we learn about the new Lincoln MKZ?
The Lincoln MKZ comes in 3 different engine options. The standard engine is a 2 Liter Turbo Charge Inline 4 Ecoboost engine with 240 HP. Gas Mileage for the standard is 22 City/33 Hwy. The Hybrid is 45 City/Hwy with 188 HP. For our test drive we were in the MKZ with the upgraded 3.7L V6 300 HP engine.Mileage for this car is 19 City/26 Hwy.

The Lincoln MKZ comes standard with LED head and taillights. They also have adaptive headlights that will move when going down windy roads. The high beams are automatic. If the car senses that there are no vehicles in front of you (driving in front of you or coming towards you), it will automatically turn them on, and turn them off when it senses a car. You have the option of upgraded the sound system to the THX Certified option providing rich-theater quality sound. 
Viviana hanging out in the spacious back seat!
LINCOLN DRIVE CONTROL - A fully loaded Lincoln MKZ comes with a bunch of drive assist options like Lincoln Drive Control, where you can change the way the ride feels. The three options are Normal, Comfort, & Sport. Comfort Mode gives you the classic Lincoln feel of a really soft, bouncy suspension. Sports Mode allows you to change gears at a higher RPM and it tightens up your handling and suspension to give you more power and control when traveling at a higher speed. 

LANE KEEP ASSIST: With the addition of electronic power steering, the MKZ can help keep you in your lane. It will sense if there are multiple lanes and can either alert you when you start to deviate or alert and aid. Alert and aid will actually nudge your wheel to keep you within the lanes. 

BLIS - Blind Spot Information System - Side-view mirrors have little circles that light up orange when something is sensed in your blind spot. 

ADAPTIVE CRUISE CONTROL - Tired of resetting your cruise control every time you get behind a slow driver? With adaptive cruise control, it will automatically slow you down and keep you at a set distance behind the slower vehicle in front of you.  There are three preset distances that you can choose from. ACC will keep you at a slower speed until they speed up or you change lanes and then zip back up to your set speed.
Our lovely Lincoln Motor Company representative taking us around the neighborhood and giving us the 411 on everything Lincoln MKZ.
Panoramic Sunroof fully retracts. Of course on a rainy day like last Monday we did not get a live demo! lol
Ambient lighting is available in the Lincoln MKZ. There are 7 color options for the lighting. 
Ambient Lighting color options. I played around with it and changed it to blue.
From Red to Blue. You have the option of dimming them or making them really bright.
8" My Lincoln Touch Screen. You can connect your phone via bluetooth and do handsfree calling as well as stream music or any other media app from your phone to the vehicle sound system.
Slider bars for the volume and AC.
Center Console Media Hub with USB ports, Auxiliary jacks and SD Card slot.
Dual climate controls for the front seats. Front seats are heated and cooled. Heated rear seats and steering wheel are also available.  
Navigation system shows turn by turn directions. You can input destinations as well as search for nearby points of interests such as a library or ice cream shop.  The system responds to voice-activation and understand up to 10,000 different commands. This comes in handy when you need to input a destination but can't do it manually while driving.
Everything that you can see on the center consol you can see on your dashboard. Directions would show up where the compass is shown in the above picture. This is great for when your passenger is playing with the radio on the center system, you can still see your directions on the dashboard, and allows you to look forward. The system can also speak to you. You have the option of putting it on silent, based on your personal preference. 
In entertainment mode it shows me what's playing and on what radio station. 
FORWARD COLLISION WARNING - This vent is called forward collision warning, and will flash red and give you a audible alert as well as pre-charge the brakes preparing for a possible collision.  If you are traveling too fast and too close to someone, and hit the brakes while this is going off the car is prepared to come to a complete stop immediately.
ACTIVE PARK ASSIST - If it senses that there is a spot large enough to fit your vehicle it will let you know by giving you a check mark and it will go ahead and control the trajectory of the vehicle into the parallel parking spot. So it will control the entire steering wheel portion of your parallel parking experience. You still control the gas and the brakes and the changing of the gears but it does the most difficult part for you which is awesome. 
The rear seats have a 60/40 split.  The trunk space in the regular gas engine models is 15.1 cubic feet and 11.4 cubic feet in the Hybrid model. 

So how much does one of these babies cost? 
2014 MKZ Standard - $36K
2014 MKZ Hybrid - $36K
2014 MKZ 3.7L V6 - $38K
2014 MKZ Fully Loaded - $50K

How cute is Vivi? She really should start a Fashion blog!

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