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Saturday, June 28, 2014

I'm not a big wine person. I don't know a good wine from grape juice. But, I do like surrounding myself with positive and empowering women, which is why I attended the Total Beauty Ladies Group (TBLG) Day Trip outing to Clear Creek Winery last Saturday. However, I had such a fun time on the tour and sampling the wine, that I may become a wine connoisseur (just kidding, but I realize I do like some wines!). I of course was late (when am I not late?) because I had to drop off my car for repairs but I joined the group about ten minutes after the tour started.  Barbara was our tour guide, and she was super fun! Her children run the business.  We started off in the Bacchus room, then moved to the overflow room, then downstairs to a fancy dining area with pretty wine barrels and finally to the production room.  After the tour, it was time for the wine tasting with cheese and crackers.  I chose to try three fruity wines: Peach, Grapefruit & Pomegranate! Scroll through the post to see what I thought about my wines!

Clear Creek Vineyard offers 2 different labels for their wine. A very nice and classy label, and then a Bad Ass label! Same wine, different audience!


Barbara was telling us how wine companies are moving away from corks and going with gaps to stop air from getting into the wines. Sad times! I'm not a wine person, but I always associate corks with wine bottles! 
Bottling Machine

For someone who isn't a wine person, I Suuuuureee look happy!
I sampled all three and my favorite was the Peach followed by the Pomegranate. I didn't care for the grapefruit, but that's because I don't like grapefruit the fruit itself.

Wine tasting leads to interesting conversation
Lots of ladies showed up! We had 3 tables for the wine tasting!

After the wine tasting I headed to explore the gift shop and more of the Bacchus Room. 

AHAHAHAHAHA! I love this plaque!
How cute are these bottle toppers? I especially love the heels! 

I loved the venue! It's super pretty and has a cool wine bottle outside!!
For more on Clear Creek Winery:

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