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Thursday, June 12, 2014

I'm part of the movement. Are you? #100GoodDeeds

With so many charitable organizations available nowadays it can be overwhelming to decide on where to focus your energy. However, there are some movements that are super easy to support by making a simple purchase, and that's what the 100 Good Deeds (1GD) movement is all about. 1GD was created by author, artist, and advocate Mary Fisher. The concept of 1GD started off as a game created by her friend, filmmaker Thomas Morgan, for his family.  A "Good Deed"  only counts if one goes out of their way to help someone and the act remains anonymous. Falling in love with this idea, Mary combined her jewelry making efforts with the women of Africa & Haiti with the game and created the 100 Good Deeds Bracelet.  Each bracelet is made by an artisan in either Haiti, Uganda, Rwanda, Zambia, or Johannesburg, providing them with employment. 

I learned about 1GD through a Blogger Organization that I'm affiliated with, and definitely wanted to participate in the campaign to get the word out. It's important to me to find ways to give back. I far from rich, but I am blessed, and life can be particularly hard for our fellow men and women living in developing countries. I may not always have the time to volunteer or create events to raise money, but I try to give back anyway I can, and purchasing this bracelet is a quick way to support someone less fortunate.  I love movements in which we get to purchase an item that gives back because the item will always be a reminder of how you helped someone. What I particularly like about artisan movements is you receive the name of the Artisan who made your item, making it extra special.  The bracelets are handcrafted from fine, braided nylon and glass beads and remind you to assist others in need. They also help you keep track of how many deeds you've completed! Once you have your bracelet, wrap the 1GD bracelet around your wrist three times and adjust the length for comfort by sliding the knot along the cord. Each time you do a good deed, move the rubber ring one bead closer toward the 1GD button. This button represents the completion of 100 good deeds! The bracelet remains a constant, steady reminder to do good altruistically. Here is the bracelet I received made by Rose Odong Kara in Uganda:

You too can become part of the 100 Good Deeds movement!

Tweet about a good deed that someone else did for you mentioning @The1GDbracelet, #1GD and the link to my blog post: for your chance to win. 15 lucky readers will be chosen by @BeEverywhere to receive a 100 Good Deeds bracelet. If you win you will receive a tweet from @BeEverywhere.

Support the 100 Good Deeds Movement:

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