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Friday, May 02, 2014

Styling A Jumpsuit

How to wear a jumpsuit? If you haven't noticed jumpsuits and rompers (jumpsuit with shorts) are having a moment. Technically, I've been on rompers since 2009, but both seem to be coming into their own this year and it's easy to see why. The one-stop ensembles are flattering for all shapes and sizes, they can work from day to night, and most are freaking comfortable. I have about 6 jumpsuits in my closet (Yea...I went a little crazy), but I love having them. Today I've provided style options for the standard black jumpsuit, though they come in all colors, styles, and prints.  As you can see from my style board below, the jumpsuit can easily go from day to night, and work for office, to going out, to casually running errands. There's really nothing you can't wear a jumpsuit too.  I styled both the plus-size offering of the jumpsuit (the one I have) and the regular style, however this jumpsuit also comes in petite! All sizes covered! Even better? The jumpsuit is currently on sale at Macy's! 
Styling A Jumpsuit by shasie on Polyvore

There are just so many ways to style a jumpsuit, the possibilities are endless. A very simple and quick embellishment to a jumpsuit is adding a belt like I did for look one.  Personally as a plus-size blogger I tend to struggle to show off my shape, so I like to add belts to provide that illusion.  And I'm a firm believer that every gal should own at least one quality floppy hat! The hat sets this outfit off! Since the ensemble is relatively all black, a pop of color in a handbag is the perfect accessory. This look is great for going out. 

I wanted to show that a jumpsuit also works with a vest, and my favorite vests are denim vests. Denim vests are so versatile.  Also pastels are really popular right now, and pairing them against darker hues really allows them to stand out. I'm a big fan of paring pastels with blacks, dark navy, etc, so I picked a sky blue handbag and a blush scarf.  The sunglasses were a fun adder because of the over-designed frames. However this look would work just fine with a regular pair of black shades.  This look is great for running errands.

Have you ever asked yourself if you could wear your jumpsuit to work? Of course you can! Depending on your office environment, you may be able to get away with the jumpsuit by it's self, but if you have to be a bit more corporate in your attire, it's easy to transition a jumpsuit for work: Just add a blazer. Also, if it's a surplice neckline with a deep v-neck that may show too much cleavage, just quickly safety pin the neckline a bit higher to make it work appropriate. As previously mentioned I'm obsessed with pairing contrasting colors, so this BOLD, peach blazer really stands out against this black jumpsuit.  I added a white Michael Kors handbag for a finishing touch of class and structure for work. 

This is basically the same as look one except it's not plus-size and instead of a red handbag I diverted back to my pastel faves. Who knew Lacoste made such cute handbags? I also kept the color palette very close with the accessories. The sunglasses, belt, and handbag appear to be similar in hues.  This is fun if you have a favorite color and really want to show case.  


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