EVENT RECAP: Amir Taghi Fall 2014 Presentation

Sunday, May 18, 2014

I've been a bit under the weather so I'm just now getting the chance to post about Amir Taghi's Fall 2014 Presentation that occurred on May 1st at Deborah Colton Gallery.  I thought the presentation was well done with the mirror risers for the models to stand on, while holding roses.  I highly enjoyed the rich hues of red throughout the collection. I love red...all shades of red.  Garment wise, I favored the bolero jackets.  They were extremely well-made hinting at many sewing hours on each one. I think I'm right about the sewing hours because they are priced around $2K a pop.  You may remember that Amir Taghi is very young! He's only 18 and has designed more then a few collections and interned at Oscar De La Renta. For more about Amir you can read my interview with him HERE.  View his Fall 2014 collection below and some on the scene photos! 

Stylist: Vico Puentes
Makeup: Karla Enrique
Hair: Tree Vaello
Aesthetic:  The Fall Winter 2014 Collection is inspired by the opulence of the Persian culture.  Despite the beauty and feminism of the magnificent culture, the government's regime restrains the splendor of details. Amir tried to show the duality of the country in this collection. He explored luxurious fabrics as well as draping, representing the rich sense of design Iran is known for, as well as constructing other pieces in a rigid manor showing the constraint the women have living in the country.  In all, this collection represents the opulent culture in which Amir emerged.  www.amirtaghi.com

Pearl Embroidered Brocade Vest: $2,150
Taupe Georgette Draped Skirt: $550

Burgundy Crepe Kimono Dress with Embroidered Organza Overlay: $1,550
My Buddies: Sarah Pendley, Mara Griffin, & Imani Talib
Me on the scene
Amir's Spring 2014 Collection was also on display 
More Amir Taghi Designs and the young designer himself posing in front of his model. 

Full house

View all the photos from the event

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  1. Great recap. I like the way you pieced the images together. I totally missed that back room. smh. Glad you got shots.

    - Imani Talib

    1. Thanks Imani! Yes it saves real estate and shows different angles all at the same time! I love collaging ;-)

  2. The article really covers all the major aspects of the topic. Simply amazing.


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