EVENT RECAP: TBLE Black & White Masquerade Gala

Friday, May 02, 2014

It's not every day one gets to attend a Masquerade ball, and Saturday, April 12th I found surrounded by people wearing fabulous masks. Where was I? I was of course at TBLE's 2nd Annual 'Breast Cancer Awareness' Gala themed 'Black & White Masquerade Ball'. For those of you who have been reading my blog for a long time, you should be familiar with TBLE, as I have done more than a few posts on them and their charity work.  TBLE stands for Total Beauty Ladies Events and is an organization created by my friend, Shunte Davis. TBLE is run by her and her hubby Wendell Davis.  TBLE, already an outstanding organization, has grown so much from the time I met Shunte 3-4 years ago. Shunte and Wendell have successfully launched the following sister programs to TBLE: My Beautiful Family, INC., Total Beauty Ladies Group, & Beautifully Being U Magazine. Shunte and her husband are adamant about giving back to the community and especially fundraising for Breast Cancer Awareness and other 'Fundraising for Hope' campaigns. 2013 was the launch of TBLE's first ever 5-event Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign and it was so successful that they decided to do it again for 2014.  The first event for the 2014 campaign was the Beautifully Being U Magazine Launch Party. The 2nd event was the Gala on April 12th, and as the featured blogger sponsor for their 2014 campaign I was on the front lines covering the event and having a jolly good time!

Program for the Gala
Love the table decorations! You know me and shiny things
Made two fun acquaintances that night! They found the event on eventbrite and decided to come out for a good cause!
Gala attendees were required to wear black and white clothing and a mask, but accessories and the mask could be any color.  The evening was full of entertainment and unique ways to raise money for the cause.  RL Photography was on hand to take photos of all the guests enjoying the party and in front of the Gala For Hope backdrop.  The bartender offered a wide array of yummy cocktails that helped guests go through their 6 drink tickets fairly easily.  Dinner was buffet style, and it was capital Y-YUMMY! It's been weeks and I'm still thinking about the rice & chicken (inner #foodie). After dinner guests begin to mingle with one another and peruse the silent auction tables and the dessert auction table. Yes you heard right! A dessert auction, and in my opinion the best part of the evening (I have an insatiable sweettooth). For the dessert auction, vendors donate baked goods that are auctioned off to the highest bidder. At last year's gala, my table cleaned house by winning two trays of cupcakes, and I knew I had to win the cupcakes again, so I WENT IN on the bidding war! I out bid the competition and awarding my table with a dozen YUMMY vanilla cupcakes!

Mixed drinks prepped and ready to go
List of yummy desserts to be Auctioned off
My Mask! I love this mask because it was made for me by Heather Petrey of LA Fashion Snob
The Hostess with the Mostess: Shunte Davis
Taking a photo with my girl!
Full Length version and you can see that Houston Fashion Bloggers also supported the evening

VIP Area

The 12 dozen cupcakes I won. I'm very proud of myself because I had one at the party and then one the next day, but gave the rest of them away. After-all it was about the money going to a good cause not me becoming obsese! haha
2 of the other ladies at my table combined funds to win this yummy chocolate cake. We all had a piece of this cake too.....in addition to eating cupcakes! Talk about sugar high!
Salsa Dancers from Hustle & Salsa Houston
DJ Party Man keeping us movin!
After the dessert auction, we played heads or tails to win a private dinner for 2. To play you purchased one or 2 necklaces to wear around your neck while someone tossed a coin in the air. Before the side of the coin is read you put your hand in the air for 'tails' and your hand on your head for 'heads'. If you guessed right you get to keep your beads, but if your guess is incorrect you are out and loose a strand of beads (See why buying 2 is beneficial?).  Following heads or tails, Irene Griffin and Raye Avery from Hustle & Salsa Houston, performed a salsa number for all of us. We were all in a dancing mood after that, and took to the dance floor to participate in songs like the Cupid Shuffle & the Wobble.

Next up? CRAPS! Err--I mean all the casino games, I just happen to love Craps whether I'm playing with real money or not! Upon entering the gala, each guest received tickets to exchange for casino chips. If you ran out of chips you had the option to purchase more and the money went to charity. At the end of the night, for every $2500 you earned in fake money you received a raffle ticket to enter the 50" TV giveaway.  I basically spent the rest of the evening at the Craps table and lost ALL of my fake money...hahaha, but at least it was fake!  

Silent Auction item goodies: Signed movie posters
Jewelry made by our Hostess

Dessert Auction Table
Goodie Bags for the VIPs
Half way through the evening there was a 'Best Masks' contest, one for women and one for men.  Everyone who wanted to participate in the competition lined up near the DJ booth and walked into the center for everyone to see their masks.  Judging was based on amount of applause. The winners were: 
For the men! The jester mask is fly!
And this gorgeous silver, metallic leaf-bursting mask
Here are some of my personal favorite masks from the night:
TBLG Leader Deneka Dove

Proud Winner
All in all it was a magical night for a cause, and I left a verrrrrrry VERY happy camper, ready to do it again!

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