THE INTERVIEW: Jonathan Blake, Houston Fashion Designer

Sunday, April 13, 2014

The day after the Jonathan Blake Fall/Winter 2014 Fashion Show, I was invited to Media-Only Luncheon with the designer, Jonathan Blake (née Tinkle).  Media representatives from local Houston news & blog outlets to editors from British Vogue were in attendance.  Unfortunately, I was unable to attend because I was in an all-day training for work, but I was able to send some questions Jonathan for the 411 on his Fall/Winter 2014 collection and to learn a little bit more about the designer himself.  Read on to learn more bout one of Houston's rising talents!

When did you first know that you wanted to be a Fashion Designer? 
I knew at the age of 14 that I wanted to be a Fashion Designer. It came naturally to me and it never feels like work.

How important is it to have your clothes manufactured right here in Houston? 
I really like that my apparel line is made here. It's easier to manage quality control and it's cost effective. I am a bit biased having been born and raised here in Houston.

Opening up your own Atelier must have been exciting! How did that come about? 
After debuting my first collection, things started to grow and move really quickly. I started off working out of my apartment. That was not going to work when it came time to work with clients, stylists, magazines, etc. I really needed a space just for this (His Company) and the demand from the interest I received from local fashion enthusiasts demanded it. 

Out of all your collections, I love this Fall/Winter 2014 line the best! How do you feel your designs have evolved, but remained true to your design aesthetic, since your first collection in 2012? 
More and more of my own personal style is coming out. I played it safe with my first collection. This collection stays true to my preferred aesthetic of sophisticated, elegant and beautiful clothes but with an edge to them.

What was the inspiration behind your choice of colors and fabrics for your Fall 2014 collection? I love texture! The more texture the better! I wanted to add lots of texture because it adds dimension to the clothing. 

Why the dog at the end of your runway show? He was beautiful!
It was actually a grey wolf. Wolves are animals that symbolize strength, endurance and guide souls on uncharted paths. I think this describes the strong, fearless but chic Jonathan Blake woman very well.

How do you decide which models should wear which look?
It's based on what outfits they look best on them. 

Which look is your favorite from this collection?  
My favorite piece is the rhodium python jacket with long haired goat or the suede and nile crocodile jacket.

Why the addition of handbags to your label? 
I've always loved how a great bag compliments a great look.

Are ladies able to have your designs customized for their unique, individual shapes and sizes? 
We are more than capable to accommodate any size.

Have you already started thinking about your Spring 2015 collection? If so, can we have any hints? Yes. I'm thinking very contemporary maybe....semi futuristic. 

Where can fans of your work and potential clients find your designs?
They can view it online at or 4544 Post Oak Place Suite 220.


For more information on Jonathan Blake, please visit the following sites:
PR Representation: Pennino and Partners

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