Unique Jewelry Finds at Bayou City Arts Festival

Friday, April 18, 2014

I may not seem like the most "outdoor loving" person, but I do like to go outside for festivals, hang out at a park, or chill by the pool. A few Sundays ago, I found myself bored at home with nothing to do and decided to google what was going on around the city of Houston. It was a gorgeous day and I knew I wanted to find something outdoors (even if I knew I would suffer later from my allergies).  My google search brought up the last day of the Bayou City Arts Festival. When I first moved to Houston permanently in 2009 I went to BCAF every year, but either they haven't had it over the last few years, or I just missed when it occurred, but I knew that's where I wanted to be! I jumped off the couch and headed to the festival. I like art just as much as the next person, but until I have a house, I'm not really in the market to purchase huge pieces of art, so my favorite part of the Arts Festival is discovery new and unique jewelry!!!! I left with more than a few purchases! Check out what I discovered: 

How fun are these flower scarves? I'm so used to big thick scarves for accessories but these are perfect for Spring! Dainty and they have flowers! What more could you want? At the Poetic Earth booth, the artist made leather goods embellished with watch mechanisms, sundials and compasses. So cool! I actually left with one of the compass/sundial watches below. They are known for the journals.

These handbags were really cool. Each one was different, therefore they were each priced differently. They actually reminded me of Tory Burch accessories with her emblem that's typically in the middle of her shoes and handbags.  

Belt buckles made out of gun components. This would of course be popular in the State of Texas! 
My favorite booth from the Festival was Rewind Jewelry.  How cool are these pieces? The artist takes actual antique watches and either fixes them so that they work today, or turns the watches & their mechanisms into jewelry.  Jewelry being everything from necklaces, to rings, earrings & bracelets.  I was here for at least an hour trying to decide on the piece I wanted to buy. I ended up choosing a silver mechanism watch for $65 bucks. The cool thing about the artist is if you want to change the length of they necklace he'll do it for you right on the spot. I had him lengthen mine with a silver chain. Even the chains used for the necklaces are actual antique watch chains. My watch is from the early 1900s. He had some from the 1800s and some of those old railroad conductor watches. 

It's hard to believe that watches were actually this small! I remember asking the artist, how did they even see the time with watches these small!?  
The bracelets were cool too. I will definitely get one of these in the near future.
The faces from those small watch mechanisms turned into earrings!
I really wanted this Tell watch, but I think it was over $200. It actually works and you need to use the key that's attached with it to wind it, just like back in the day! How cool?
I did leave with a watch mechanism ring. There were so many and it was hard to pick just one, but I ended up picking a ring where the mechanism was saudered to a band that had Roman Numerals engraved on it.  This guy does really amazing work!!!!! I definitely followed them on social media and will be looking for the next opportunity to shop their booth in person. 
Even the decor and the way they displayed the jewelry was cool!
Forget the BaubleBar! How fun are these baubles? I told the artist they looked like mini glass ornaments.  Sooooo pretty.
These pieces were gorgeous. The stones are made out of porcelain and the metal has been oxidized to give the dark color. I really wanted a piece from this collection, but alas I was already over my Festival Shopping budget! 

Tips for blogging & taking pictures at Art Festivals. Even though we live in the social media/instagram/capture everything age, you need to still be respectful of the Artist's requests for no photos.  I really liked 2 other jewelry vendors, but they did not want me to take a picture. I don't really understand that, but I definitely respect their request. So please, PLEASE ask the artists first if you can take photos. That's what I did! How do you like my finds from the festival? Would you wear these pieces?

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