Saturday, March 22, 2014

For my 6th Session at Hypoxi Houston, I tested out their 4th and final machine, The Vacunaut. What a freaking cool name for a machine! It just makes me want to try it.  The specialty part about this machine is the suit and the vacuum tubes because other than that you are just walking on a treadmill. Unlike all the other machines at Hypoxi that focus on pulling blood flow down to your lower stomach, butt & thighs, the Vacunaut draws blood flow away from your legs to your stomach. The suit is neoprene and has the same suction cups on the inside around the stomach that the Dermology suit has. The Vacunaut cycles vacuum pressure on the stomach every 15 seconds just like the other machines. Now I'm definitely used to being on a treadmill and a cycle bike for that matter, but what makes these workouts unique is the vacuum technology and of course wearing these suits.  Getting into the suit is a bit of work out itself! I was sweatin' lolol.  The suit of course isn't heavy, but it isn't light, so it definitely adds to the weight you are holding up on the treadmill.    

Hpxi_ 1108
The Vacunaut Machine

Unlike thw Dermology suit, the Vacunaut suit only goes to your knees.  The ladies at Hypoxi Houston help strap you into the suit and mold the suit to your stomach and body before putting you on the treadmill and hooking you up to the Vacunaut tubes.  They also add a strap around the neck to increase the seal.   For this session, I'm actually wearing the men's large suit, as the women's large was being cleaned. The men suits are broader and not built for curvy women. The women suits are cut for a women's build, but both suits get the job done. 

I can easily say that this is the hardest machine at Hypoxi! Unlike the other machines where you want to stay below a 135 or 125 heart rate, on the Vacunaut you need to achieve a certain heart-rate to see results. For me and my biometries I had to hit 160 during my 25 minutes on the machine. In order to do this, I had to increase the incline, the speed and pump my arms.  You are on the treadmill for 30 minutes, with the last 5 minutes allocated for cool down.  I found it slightly difficult to pump my arms because of the suit, so it was more swinging my arms! Hahaha. I'm sure I looked extra goofy, but I'm not here to look snazzy working out, I'm here to see results! And speaking of results! Come back for my next Hypoxi post to see how I did over my 2 week trial with Hypoxi Houston! 

Come back later this week to read about the nutrition plan for Hypoxi
Hypoxette for Hypoxi Houston
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