FEATURES: Great Day Houston "College Spirit" Fashion Segment

Thursday, March 06, 2014

What's that saying? Once you've been on TV you can never get enough? OK, I think I just made that up, but it's how I feel! Ever since I did my first Fashion Segment for Great Day Houston at the beginning of January I've had a TV bug! I was definitely hoping for more opportunities to do fashion on TV, when opportunity struck! A week ago, I received a call from one of the Great Day Houston Producers to come on the show and do a "Fashionable School Spirit' Segment! I of course said yes! They were focusing on colleges that week and for their final show of the week they wanted a fashion segment featuring fun and fashionable looks showing off College Spirit. Only thing? They called me Wednesday afternoon and I needed to do the segment that Friday! Haha What a whirlwind day and a half. I spent my lunch break calling college bookstores, posting on Facebook for models, hairstylists & MUA's and creating vision boards on polyvore for the looks! Thanks to the amazing connections I have in the industry, Liz Marie, from L Marie Online Boutique called upon her people to help me, recruiting volunteer MUAs, Photogs and hair stylists. I couldn't be more greatful!

Chatting with Debra Duncan on my Bucknell Sweatshirt. My makeup was done by Shatara Davis and my hair by Hollye Wood!
You can watch the segment below or on Great Day Houston

MODEL 1: Fashion Blogger Taylor Brione Ballard - www.taylorbrione.com
SCHOOL: Texas Southern University
COLORS: Grey & Maroon
MAKEUP: Shatara Davis

MODEL 2: Martin Serna
SCHOOL: University of Texas
COLORS: Burnt Orange & White
CONCEALER: Shatara Davis

MODEL 3: Fashion Blogger & Boutique Owner Liz Marie - L Marie Online Boutique
COLORS: Maroon and White
HAIR: Ali Lanning
MAKEUP: Rivki Shlyapobersky

MODEL 4: Fashion Blogger & Boutique Owner Heather Petrey - www.lafashionsnob.com
SCHOOL: San Jacinto College
COLORS: Blue, Black & Gold
HAIR: Ali Lanning
MAKEUP: Rivki Shlyapobersky

MODEL 5: Fashion Blogger and Sam Houston University Alumni Tamara Griffin - www.malibumara.com
SCHOOL: Sam Houston University
COLORS: Orange, White, & Blue
MAKEUP: Amburlee Price
HAIR: Amburlee Price

MODEL 6: Fashion Blogger and UofH Student Jasmine Berry - www.spookieloo.com
SCHOOL: University of Houston
COLORS: Scarlett Red and White
HAIR: Amburlee Price
MAKEUP: Amburlee Price

Stay tuned for my Behind-The-Scenes post with photos from TW Andris of Two Lees Photography!

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