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Sunday, March 09, 2014

Putting together a TV Fashion Segment may seem easy, but it actually takes a lot of work and creativity.  No one wants to see what's been done before.  Today I'm going to share with you, how I styled the 6 looks my models shared for my last Great Day Houston Fashion Segment.  The segment was titled: "Fashionable School Spirit".  The producers wanted to me to show a spin on the everyday "college spirit" looks and focus on schools based in Texas.  So where did I start? First I needed to recruit models. I of course went to my friends and asked for volunteers. All of my female models were members of Houston Fashion Bloggers, and then Liz provided me with a contact for a male model, Martin Serna! This was my first time styling a guy for a Fashion Segment so that was fun!After I had all the models confirmed, I had to obtain their sizes.  I created a spreadsheet with all of their information. The models featured in my show are listed below: 

Taylor Brione Ballard:
Heather Petrey:
Tamara Griffin:

Next I had to pick the schools I wanted to feature. Friday was University of Houston day so I knew I had to feature U of H.  I picked 5 other popular schools in Texas: University of Texas, Texas A&M, Sam Houston State University, Texas Southern University & San Jacinto College. Once I knew the schools that I wanted to feature, I went to Polyvore! Thank goodness for Polyvore! Polyvore is an incredible site where you can create looks and inspiration boards.  The best part apart polyvore is that you can clip images from around the web to use in your Polyvore boards.  To pull college paraphelnalia I headed to each school's bookstore websites, along with and for some images to clip and then created my style boards.  I also called the bookstores to borrow clothes and worked with each one to pick up clothes and schedule drop off times.  It was a lot of work to get done in a day and a half, and I still had to work my main job, but with the help of the models I was able to pull it off!  Check out each school's style board below and the final looks! Let me know what you think!  


Final Look: Feminine Cut T-Shirt, Sweatpants, Black Pumps, and Necklaces wrapped as bracelets
Makeup: Shatara Davis
COLORS: Burnt Orange & White
MODEL: Martin Serna
Martin - University of Texas

Final Look: UT Hat, UT Scarf, UT Replica Jersey #32, Leather Jacket, Jeans & Nike Sneakers
Concealer: Shatara Davis
COLORS: Maroon and White
MODEL: Liz Marie
Liz Marie - Texas A&M

FINAL LOOK: Cowboy Hat, Scarf from my close, Aggie Shirt, Denim Shorts, Texas A&M Socks, Cowboy boots
Makeup: Rivki Shlyapobersky
Hair: Ali Lanning
COLORS: Black, Blue & Gold
MODEL: Heather Petrey
Heather - San Jacinto College

FINAL LOOK: San Jac Hat, Sweatpants, and Crewneck Sweatshirt, Knee-High Socks, Cheetah Print & Bedazzled canvas shoes
Hair: Ali Lanning
Makeup: Rivki Shlyapobersky
COLORS: Orange, White, & Blue
MODEL: Tamara Griffin
Tamara - Sam Houston

FINAL LOOK: Terry Cloth Sweathshirt, Blue Tank, White Crochet Shorts, Knee-High Socks, Black Ankle Booties
Hair: Amburlee Price
Makeup: Amburlee Price
COLORS: Scarlett Red & White
MODEL: Jasmine Berry
University of Houston Style Board
University of Houston Style Board by shasie

FINAL LOOK: U of H Replica Jersey, U of H Headband, Watch, Earrings, Skinny Jeans, Knee-High Boots
Hair: Amburlee Price
Makeup: Amburlee Price
PHOTO CREDIT: TW Andris of Two Lees Photography

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