EVENT RECAP: InStyle for Nine West Launch Party

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Everyone loves a good party, and I'm no exception. However, I go to so many fashion events that after awhile they can all seem the same...but I did not feel that way at the InStyle for Nine West  Collection Launch Party. In fact, I was having such a great time that I practically stayed for the duration of the entire event.  As mentioned in my last post, I arrived at the mall 3 hours before the party to interview Leah Karp & Erika Szychowski on the 9W♥InStyle collection (Read here).  After my interview I quickly purchased a few items from the collection to beat, what was sure to be, a mad rush to the register during the party later.  I headed to my car to put away my new purchases and decided to change into the VIVA sandal for the party. A lot of my blogger buddies were coming so I definitely wanted to head back to hang out with them!

By the time I returned to Nine West, after stuffing my face in the food court and shopping to pass the time, the store had been transformed to a girl's paradise. An additional display had been set up directly in front of the store with the collection items and free InStyle magazines.  There was a poster-sized picture of the J-Lo April 2014 cover (perfect for photo-ops) and lots of pink; from the pink San Pellegrino drinks to pink candies in candy jars.  I immediately headed to the table with the mini cupcakes, macaroons, & cake balls and had 1....2....maybe 3 (but who's counting?) cupcakes throughout the course of the evening...

How totes adorbs are the heart-shaped Macaroons?

In addition to the guests perusing the store, models were style with shoes and accessories from the collection.
Shoes from Left to Right: Izzy, Viva, Aila, & Gamin
The sun actually provided for a very nice photo op of the scene and the accessories. I just love this 'Hold Everything Clutch' and it GOES with everything!
HFB Members Arielle and Yesenia chatting with one of the reps from Nine West
The stacked cuff. I'm partial to the rose gold color. I pretty much love anything rose gold.
My favorite part of the party? Having our instagrams printed! If you instagrammed a picture using the hashtag #9WInStyle during the party, the photographer printed your photo. So many cute photos came out of this machine. I admit I got a little carried away with mine! Ha!
The scene! Full house for the launch party
Of course I'm a big fan of Nine West, so in addition to checking on the 9W♥InStyle collection, I had to peep the rest of the store's offerings for Spring! I really loved these sandals with the neon insoles, and the sandals with the multi-strap ankle strap.

One of my purchases from the collection was the VIVA sandal. I bought the nude one. I really loved the metal detail
The Izzy! The perfect shoe for work! I also purchased this one in the middle, light grey color!
What's a party without a DJ? More models reppin' the shoes and accessories.

I had to zoom in on the clutches and shoes
9W - We Do Shoes
I was very tempted to purchase the blue shade of this clutch but I ended up going with black.
I really wanted to get the Aila too, but I figured purchasing 3 items from the collection was more than enough for this month's shopping budget!
HFB Members Heather and Taylor scoping the scene
Additional offerings at Nine West

Someone loved the collection so much they were buying 3 pairs of shoes and me trying on the Gamin pump in Snakeskin.
Each guest received a raffle ticket upon entry to the store. Throughout the night the Nine West team called out 9 numbers for 9 people to win a free pair of shoes from the collection. We thought they were going to stop at 9 for NINE west, but they continued to call more numbers through the end of the night!

All of my printed Instagrams! I can't wait to add them to my Fashion wall

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  1. Why am I always looking so interested! Lol

    1. Buahahahahaha why not? The event must have really intrigued you!

  2. Your a great writer and you should have a Mentoring program going on i can learn from ,i must say you keep it real

    1. Aww thanks Ms. Betty! Haha, it's from years of editing these posts and writing for other outlets! :-)


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