HYPOXI FITNESS JOURNEY: Part 2 - Trainer S120 Makes You Sweat!

Sunday, March 02, 2014

So far I've completed 3 sessions at Hypoxi Houston. Each session has been the same, starting with me in the Dermology machine for 20 minutes and then going into the S120 machine for 30 minutes. I've already shared my experience with Dermology HERE, so today I'll talk about Trainer S120. The S120 Machine is for total body overhaul.  It focuses on fat deposits on the lower stomach, hips, buttocks and thighs, combats fluid retention and fights cellulite.  In order to isolate the area of your body that you want under vacuum, you wear a Hypoxi skirt (pictured above). The skirt straps around your stomach and the rubber flared part slides into the slits of the machine to seal off the vacuum portion. Don't I look super cute in the skirt? You put it on right over the Hyoxi suit.   Under your Hypoxi suit you have on the heart monitor, but they add a monitor to your leg before getting into the S120 for measuring your skin temperature.  One of the target goals of an S120 session is to have your skin temperature raise at least 3 degrees from starting temperature.  The ladies at the studio put the leg warmer on for you.  


Here's a view of me in the S120 machine. I am sealed off from just below the chest area because I'm trying to loose inches in my total stomach and not just the lower stomach. Depending on the location of where you want to focus on, the seat is adjusted to different heights. You can also adjust the location of the pedals up or down depending on height.

For this particular session I was by myself, but there are two S120 machines so sometimes you may have someone else working out next to you.  You can see the opening in which you sit in the machine.  The front half slides forward to reveal the cycle machine inside

So it looks like I'm just hanging out right? Just chillin' and letting this machine pull -18MBar on the lower half of my body...but I'm actually doing work and it's making me sweat! The core of this machine is still an elliptical machine and you have to cycle the full 30 minutes. The maximum RPM for the machine is 80 at a max heart rate of 135. So since I haven't worked out in awhile I hit the 130 mark pretty fast, so Caroline guided me in some breathing exercises to help with my heart rate. Her goal is to get me to 80 RPM because of my age, so hopefully I will get there! 

Just like at the gym, there are a variety of options to entertain yourself while working out.  They have magazines, TV and you can of course bring a music player.  I choose to play candy crush and watch TV while cycling.  You are in the S120 for 30 minutes and each person has their own settings programmed into the machine before you start.  

You can easily keep track of your heart rate and speed with the monitor directly in front of you.  It also shows you the pressure. In this shot I was experiencing -20mBar vacuum pressure on the lower half of my body...and you can feel it. It's not painful, but it adds resistance to you sitting on the seat so makes your body work harder
This shot I was at positive pressure: +14mBar. The machine cycles between vacuum pressure and positive pressure every 15 seconds for 30 minutes, so it's work!!
Since I've done 3 sessions, I'm used to entering the Dermology suit and putting on the skirt and now I'm faster at it and it's become old hat! While Hypoxi's goal isn't about "losing lbs' as it is so much inches, I am happy to report that I have dropped 2 lbs over my 3 sessions!! Slow and steady wins the race! Come back later this week for my post on Hypoxi Nutrition! 

Hypoxette for Hypoxi Houston

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  1. This is so interesting! Curious as to why they have the 135 HR max. I wear a Polar F6 when I'm exercising, and it calls that the 'fat burning zone' - if I go above that, it blinks a down arrow to try to get me into that range. But I have a naturally high heart rate to start with, so I usually spend most aerobics classes btwn 150-170 and 175-183 during runs. I've never quite understood why that 130ish range is so ideal for fat burning?

    1. Yea I noticed that on machines in the gym too that above that you are in cardio zone. I don't really understand that either. I usually always have a heart rate on cardio level....Maybe I'll ask them the next time I go in!


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