HYPOXI FITNESS JOURNEY: Part 3 - Trainer L250 Gives Your Butt Lift

Monday, March 10, 2014

I've completed 5 of my 6 sessions with Hypoxi and I'm really impressed.  I really think it works, especially if you can stay on a healthy nutrition plan...unfortunately for me I slipped a few times attending all the fashion events I go to and then I fell sick over this past weekend and consumed mass amount of juices to combat my sore throat, but I like it so much that I'm going to purchase 6 more session! I like that Hypoxi is not a "quick fix". Even though it uses a unique technology to help loose inches in targeted areas you still have to workout with the technology and adjust your eating to a healthier lifestyle.  I like the way it motivates me to eat right, stay fit, drink more water and get to be early. I also joined Snap Kitchen where they sell pre-packaged, fresh meals that I can use to go along with my Hypoxi workouts! I think my next 2 weeks will see even better results now that I have a better grasp on the nutrition.  Anyway, for my 5th session of Hypoxi, I tried out a new machine: The Trainer L250.  The L250 is still a cycle machine but it's horizontal and targets the butts and thighs. Personally I feel it works the abs too because your legs are suspended in the pedal position for 30 minutes which requires your lower abs to engage.  The machine also helps lift the butt! 

Once your sessions are scheduled with Hypoxi when you arrive your Hypoxi suit is waiting for you on the front desk.  So first thing's first, changing into the suit as usual.
I think I'm getting used to this thing! Haha. My Michael Kors Women's Walker Sneakers
 are the perfect edition to this suit!
For me, my sessions always start out with Dermology. I don't know if you recall from my Dermology post that there are little suction cups inside the suit and if you don't have impressions on your leg when your done with the machine then the suit didn't have good contact? Well I snapped these pictures to show you how the impressions should look after Dermology.
After the uber-relaxing Dermology it was time to do some work in the Trainer L250.  Prior to this session I've always used the Trainer S120, so I was excited to try a new machine! For Trainer L250 you also wear a skirt, but it's slightly different then the skirt worn for Trainer S120.  After you have on your skirt, heart rate monitor, and leg temperature monitor you enter the machine and secure your feet in the pedals.  Both Caroline and her mom were there for my 5th session so they helped me into the machine. Once you are secure they lower the upper half of the pod down onto the skirt that is isolating the upper half of your body from the lower half.


Viola! Here I am inside the L250
Another view
While in the L250 you can watch TV, read, or listen to music just like the S120
The L250 cycles between vacuum pressure and 0 pressure
Since your body is in a horizontal position the max heart rate on this machine is lower compared to the S120. On here it's 125 and the S120 is 135.  Also the maximum rpm on this machine is 65 versus the 80 rpm on the S120
Machine pulling vacuum. On this machine I didn't feel the vacuum pull as strongly as I do on the S120 and that's probably because I was laying down. In the S120 you are upright so it feels like you are being pulled into the machine, but not in a scary way, it's just more obvious.

Come back later this week to read about my experience on The Vacunaut Machine
Hypoxette for Hypoxi Houston

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