BEHIND THE SCENES: Great Day Houston "College Spirit" Segment

Friday, March 07, 2014

Thank you to TW Andris of Two Lees Photography for taking these amazing behind the scenes shots from my Great Day Houston "College Spirit" Fashion Segment! He also made the below video clip from the day.  Great Day Houston airs M-F 9am - 10am, but if you are on the show, especially doing a fashion segment, you can arrive earlier to prepare. I definitely needed everyone to get there as early as possible, because I actually had to style everyone that morning because we didn't have time for fittings.  Most of us arrived around 7am and got right to work!  Liz Marie, Fashion Blogger and Boutique Owner at L Marie Online Boutique helped me out so much by asking her Makeup Artist (MUA) and Hair Stylist contacts to participate in the production! I also went to Hollye Ballard to do my hair! She did such a great job on my hair for my first fashion segment HERE. 

TW's Video Clip

Amburlee Price, Rivki Shlyapobersky, & Shatara Davis were on hand to do Makeup and Ali Lanning and Hollye were on hand to do hair. I had 6 models and I assigned 2 people per makeup artist. The entire team did such an amazing job on our hair and makeup that I would definitely recommend them for anything!  If you have an event or anything that involves MUAs, Photogs, and Hair Stylists you definitely need to check these guys out! I have listed their sites below:

Production Team
Amburlee Price - Hair by Amburlee
Rivki Shlyapobersky - Makeup by Rivki
Shatara Davis - Makeup by Shatara


TW Andris - Two Lees Photography

Rivki was assigned the makeup looks for Heather Petrey and Liz Marie.


Shatara did my makeup and Taylor's makeup

Thank goodness for makeup artists! I looked dead in this picture! hahaha
I love snapshots of MUA's kits and tools!
Amburlee did both the hair and makeup for Tamara and Jasmine


How fun are these lips?

Ali styled Liz & Heather's hair.  For Liz we gave her curly pigtails to go with her cowgirl get-up and for Heather we gave her two french braids! The hair looks were really cute!

Hollye did my hair! First she cornrowed my out of control natural hair and then I picked out the wig I wanted to wear for the segment and she gave me a cute half-hair up style with a braid.

I really loved the braid with this hair color
Check out these before the show moments between the models and their style teams before the show!
Heather, Ali, & Liz

Heather & Rivki
Liz with Ali and Rivki & Taylor and Shatara

Amburlee with both of her models; Tamara and Jasmine

Shatara and I! I really loved my makeup!
Of course what would a Great Day Houston Segment be without a shot with Debra Duncan!  

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