FEATURED: Speaking at KCOH's Monday Morning Media Madness Event

Monday, March 10, 2014

A few weeks ago I attended KCOH Radio's Monday Morning Media Madness Event. KCOH is a local radio station and the first African American owned station in Houston. KCOH Radio along with Grass is Greener PR put together the event to honor media past, present, & future, and to bridge the gap between what the station used to be and where they are going today.  They invited me to be one of the honored guests and speakers! Feeling so honored, I gladly accepted. The event itself was done #BloggerStyle with bloggers and members of the media present to live tweet, instagram and watch the live-stream on Google Hangout. At first I thought I wouldn't be able to make it in person and would have had to do my talk over Google Hangout but my company gave us a Holiday for President's Day! I'm so glad I was able to attend in person because I made some really great connections!

Secunda asked me to provide a background on myself , fashion blogging and social media.  So for my chat I gave a background on my start in Fashion Blogging, and having a dual career as an Engineer during the day. I discussed the creation of Houston Fashion Bloggers and my goal for it to become a diverse organization.  Of course I went on and on and quickly reached my time limit, so I quickly finished up with some of my tips for social media. I was included in an impressive line-up of speakers!  You can watch the segment below or on YouTube.

Unfortunately my hard drive has failed me, yet again, and I currently do not have access to my photos from the event. :-( Thankfully, the team at Grass is Greener sent me some of the photos they took during the event which I've shared below.  

My speech starts at 22:01 with an introduction from Secunda :-). The actual video of me doesn't seem to show, but you can listen to what I say. 

With fellow Houston Fashion Bloggers' Members: Heather Petrey & Quiana Burrell
Photo Credit: Stanley Brown - http://stanleyarmon85.wix.com/stanley-armon

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