EVENT RECAP: Audi Central Houston Grand Opening Party

Sunday, March 16, 2014

I love cars and I love parties, so when I received an invitation to attend the Audi Central Houston Grand Opening party I knew I had to go! It was definitely a fun night! Audi Central Houston used to be called Momentum Audi and their previous location was on Richmond.  This new facility is 5 stories and located right off of highway 59.  The party covered 3 floors of the dealership, 1st, 2nd, & 5th floors.  After waiting in the valet line I entered and saw some familiar faces right away, photographer Roswitha and Fashion Blogger Yolonda from Design Roundup. There was so much to take in that I went right to work taking pictures and mingling. Of course I was starving since I came straight from work, so finding food was also the focus! The activities on the first floor included cocktails from Deep Eddy V, Ceviche Bar and music by The Dolls. I really like The Dolls. This is not my first time seeing them at an event in Houston even though they are based in New York. They were in town a year or so ago for Stacey Bendet's, from Alice & Olivia, personal appearance at Saks 5th Avenue.

Mesh Top: Forever 21+
Blouse: Xhiliration (Target)
Jeans: NYDJ
Handbag: Michael Kors
Watch: Michael Kors

Um....yea....I had to take this snapshot of the pretty Audis all in a row
I love nothing more than taking a photo at a party and my photographer friend Roswitha was on hand to take photos on the red carpet! I also snagged her later to catch a picture of me in front of the Audi R10
Check out this cute Audi Racecar! #TotesAdorbs
I'm a big fan of seatbelt handbags! I definitely need to get one one day! This red one was super chic!

Mia's the DJ and Margaret is the violinist. They were very entertaining! Mia would play popular tunes and Margaret would accompany the songs with the violin.  As a lover of music, I loved this combination of music. 
I think whenever I get an Audi, it will be a red one! 
After roaming around the 1st floor I headed to the 2nd floor and was greeted by an Audi R8 with a sexy back! V10...VROOOOMMMM

Looking down on the 1st floor activities from floor 2
In the VIP lounge on Floor 2 there was Circulo Tequila tasting
This was definitely a party for the boys! Alcohol and Cigars?  I couldn't stay outside too long because the smell from the cigars was getting to me, so I quickly took some pictures and made my way up to the 5th floor (the 3rd and final floor for the party)
The R10 Racecar in all of it's glory on Floor 5

I'm assuming the 5th floor is where they service vehicles because  the set-up and tools were ready for the Audis!

I ran into Charlee who owns a kid's boutique here in Houston!
The 5th floor was definitely like the club! DJ Senega had us jammin. I'm not afraid to dance by myself in public or sing, so I started shaking my tail feathers and others were dancing too. I wasn't planning to stay that long at the party because I was exhausted, but I was having too much fun on the 5th floor! 
And then the night was complete after I met my future husband, Mike Chabala from the Houston Dynamos! (He's my Houston crush, so I say he's my future hubby! :-p)
Check out this video I made from the night via the Magisto App

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  1. You get best experience of this Audi car show. I never attend any car show yet but i want it now. I am in NYC anyone have any knowledge of upcoming car show in NYC ?

    1. There's always car shows in NYC. I went to one about 5 years ago! It's a lot of fun


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