VOTE! Help VO5 Pick a New Fragrance

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Now it's your turn to vote for VO5's next fragrance.  Here are their scent boards describing each scent. Based on the boards and the ingredients, which one do you like the best? Scroll to the end of the post to vote! Your opinion matters! The results of the poll will be sent to VO5! Which one did I vote for? Find out in my post HERE!

Top: pink lady apple, watermelon, sunflower
Mid: lotus flower, jasmine, leafy greens
Dry: vanilla woods, beech wood, musk
Top: pacific rose apple, white peach, velvet tuberose
Mid: white peony, heliotrope, waterlily  
Dry: musk, amber, cashmere wood
Top: Mara strawberry, royal Anne cherry,
Mid: golden raspberry jasmine, violet leaf, sakura blossom
Dry: musk, vanilla, white woods
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