MERCEDES-BENZ FASHION WEEK: Todd Snyder Fall 2014 Collection

Saturday, February 08, 2014

Yessssss honey, I love menswear! Not only do I like to adapt some menswear items into my own wardrobe for me to wear (houndstooth, bowties, oxfords, ties, etc.) but I LOVE a man with impeccable taste.  I was a big fan of Todd Snyder's collection! Shout out to photographer Maryna Marston for capturing the collection for  I loved almost all of the looks.  I thought the length of the pants were unique. They fell just above the ankle on most of the looks so that you could see the shoes, in almost a highwater fashion, but it didn't look ridiculous. I also appreciated the slim cut of the pants. While it seems womenswear is going wide-leg and palazzo, menswear pants are becoming slim.  

Shasie, Style Editor
Photos by Maryna Marston ( for

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