EVENT RECAP: VO5 #AScentisBorn Blogger Luncheon

Monday, February 03, 2014

A few weeks ago, I was invited to attend a luncheon for influential Houston bloggers hosted by Alberto VO5. The luncheon was held last Thursday at Artisan's restaurant in midtown. VO5 is on the hunt for their next shampoo and conditioner fragrance.  They currently have a few scents formulated that they are testing out in three different cities. For Houston they wanted us to sample their floral options.  The event was called "A Scent is Born".  To start off the event, they went around the table and asked us to introduce ourselves, give the name of our blogs, and our earliest memory of the VO5 brand.  There was even a cameraman there, so I'm glad I had a chance to touch up my makeup before leaving work!

After chatting with each other for a bit and about VO5, the rep for VO5 gave us a little bit of history on the brand and the man Alberto himself.  After lunch we heard from Rose, the perfumer from Firmenich who works with VO5 to help develop their fragrances.  I was most intrigued by this part of the conversation due to my background in Chemical Engineering. Rose has a degree in chemistry and she chatted with us about the process of fragrance making.  She explained that it's hard to describe a fragrance in words and that they use pictures to convey the scents.  Scents are amazing! I love smells! Well nice smells that is! VO5 is looking for their goals to be transformational...transporting you to another place.  We sampled 3 Floral Scents: #1, #2, & #3.  My favorite was #3, but maybe that's because I'm partial to sweets! I could smell strawberries and it made me think of strawberries and cream.  #1 would have been my second favorite, and #2 my least favorite. To capture our thoughts on the scents we took notes and brainstormed off of each other for names for each of the scents. After the "sniffing" (hahaha) we were each filmed individually on which scent we liked the best and why!

Scent 3 was my favorite!

Even the chef came out at the end of our event to say hey!
Of course what event would be a blogger event without a fun swag bag? Later after work I had a chance to check out the contents of our goodie bags! 
Guess what! VO5 is asking our readers to vote on their next fragrance! Come back tomorrow to see all the information on all 3 scents and cast your vote!

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