NEW YORK FASHION WEEK: Tracy Reese Fall 2014 Collection

Monday, February 10, 2014

So proud of Tracy Reese! Representing African-Americans in the fashion community! I really wish there were more African-Americans in the fashion industry, whether it's models, editors, designers, etc.  The world is so diverse and the fashion industry should be too! It seems that the forest motif is pretty popular this season! At least with Tracy Reese and Tess Giberson. While Tess chose a tree forest silhouette, Tracy opted for the full picture, displaying what could almost pass for a painting on a few of her dresses.  She also designed a cool, puffy bolero cape coat! Looks like you can get that in more than one color. Personally I would go for the red! I'm obsessed with the shades of red the designers have been showcasing this week.  Scroll through these looks from her collection and let me know what you think!

Shasie, Fashion Mingle Style Editor
Photos by Jane Kratochvil ( for

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