MERCEDES-BENZ FASHION WEEK: Son Jung Wan Fall 2014 Collection

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I love me some metallics! I've always been distracted by bright and shiny objects and that goes for materials. A designer has to be really careful with metallic and shiny materials, as they can sometimes come off as cheap. Son Jung Wan did not have this problem with her collection.  The metallic, if anything only made her garments look even more couture.  I highly enjoyed the pieces that she placed the metallic strips down the side of the pants in perfect tuxedo pant style! For the most part Son Jung Wan stayed with a neutral color palette using creams and white, but near the end of her collection she introduced more color with vibrant shades of blue and purple. I really loved the use of the multi-color metallic fabric at the end on her 2 final dresses! 

What did you think of this collection? Which look or looks were your favorite?

Shasie, Fashion Mingle Style Editor
Photos by Maryna Marston ( for

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