NEW YORK FASHION WEEK: Erin Fetherston & Trina Turk Fall 2014 Collections

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Depending on a designers budget, or the picture they are trying to convey, they may choose to showcase their collection in presentation format.  Basically they style the models with hair & makeup in their looks per usual, but instead of having the models walk a runway, they stand in stationary spot. Some designers who show in presentation style have the models step out of their standing post and walk a little bit depending on the venue and setup. The other difference is the lack of seats for the audience. The audience usually enters in groups and walks around the collection.  Both Erin Fetherson and Trina Turk presented their Fall 2014 Collections this way. View them both below. 


As a girl who's worn glasses since the 1st grade, I thought the use of glasses in Erin Fetherston's collection were super cute. I would sum up this collection in  3 words: School Girl Chic. There was even a handbag that reminded me of an old school lunchbox! The majority of the collection consisted of 2-piece silhouettes: A loose cropped top that hung over a high-waisted skirt.  Scroll down to view Trina Turk's Fall 2014 Collection also shown in presentation format. 

Maybe it was the paperboy hats, or the fingerless gloves, but this collection straight up made me think of the Disney movie, Newsies. One of my favorite movies of course featuring newsboys back in 1899. Trina definitely had fun mixing prints.  Some of her preppier looks (pullover vests and polos) were made more chill with fun print combinations.  

Shasie, Fashion Mingle Style Editor
Photos by Jane Kratochvil for

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