EVENT RECAP: Macy's Black History Month Event with Constance White & Beverly Johnson

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A few weeks ago I was invited by Macy's to attend their Black History Month event at Houston Galleria Mall.  I arrived early to conduct interviews with the the guests of honor: Constance White & Beverly Johnson.  I promptly headed to the Macy's Executive Offices to wait to chat with these inspirational ladies.  After my interviews I made friends with the Lancome regional makeup reps who were on hand to do Joy Sewing, Constance White, & Beverly Johnson's makeup. They had a free chair and I had some free time before the actual event started so I decided to get my makeup done! Richie was my makeup artist! He was super fun! 
Lancome Regional Rep Richie Pascal and I after he did my makeup! I look great! 
After getting my face done, as if I was going to be on the panel, I headed downstairs to take up my media seat in the first two rows.  The event started a bit after 2:30 to allow all the guests to arrive and be seated. It was a packed house, which is great.  After a few announcements by Christina, the Macy's Diversity Director and the Assistant Store Manager for Macy's Hildalgo, Houston Fashion & Beauty Editor Joy Sewing took the stage as moderator.  She introduced Constance and Beverly.

I loved the set-up of the state with the backdrop, flowers and Constance's new book
Christina - Macy's Director of Diversity 
Macy's Hidalgo Assistant Store Manager
Houston Chronicle Fashion & Beauty Editor Joy Sewing
Enter Constance White (L) and Beverly Johnson (R)

This was one of the best panels I've been to in a long time. Hearing what Constance and Beverly had to say on the influence of African Americans on Fashion and popular culture to begin with was really eye-opening.  I do have some videos clips from the panel that I will share on YouTube and upload to this post when they are ready so you can hear more on what they had to say. After Joy's moderator questions the panel was opened up to the audience for questions.  There were questions of all variety from supporting plus-size fashion, to how does one get started in the modeling industry to my question that focused on the negative portrayal of African Americans in Fashion lately: From the white editor sitting on a black model mannequin, to A-list celebrities and designers dressing up in black face for Halloween.  Constance had us cracking up by saying "Something's in the air" and this just goes to show that more African Americans need to be in these positions in the fashion industry to say NO, because what were they thinking? 

Packed House! People were even standing on the sides and in the back
We celebrated the next generation of African Americans. These little girls were too adorable!
Houston Fashion Bloggers Member Jasmine Berry asking a question during the Audience Q&A session

Style on Demand Stylist, Andrea Bonner brought her copy of VOGUE with Beverly Johnson on the cover from 1974 and Beverly signed it! How cool is that!? There was also yummy snacks for mingling after the panel

Behind The Scenes
Here are some more pictures from the Macy's Executive Offices before the event.
I'm not sure why, but I love taking pictures of MUA's extensive makeup kits! I would never know what to do with all this stuff!
Constance receiving a makeup touch-up by Lancome Regional Rep Cynthia Ibarra
The whole Lancome team with Constance White!
After the panel, if you made a $50 purchase you recieved a free copy of Constance's book: The Queens & Kings of Style and could get in line to have her sign your book.

The best part of this event is that it didn't just occur in Houston! For the entire month of February, Constance and Beverly arrive at different locations across the country for the Macy's 2014 Black History Month Campaign.  If the tour missed your city you can still celebrate with Macy's and Style Expert Constance white over on Macy's Celebrate Page: www.macys.com/celebrate.  There's even an A History of Black Style Quiz!

I don't know how Macy's is going to top this event next year for Black History Month, but I can't wait to see what they think of next!

For more information on Constance White check out the following sites:

For more information on Beverly Johnson check out the following sites:

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