EVENT RECAP: Fitness, Fashion & Beauty at Hypoxi Houston

Friday, February 07, 2014

Last week I attended a unique event here in Houston. It was a hybrid event with fashion, fitness, & beauty elements. The event was an open house for Hypoxi Houston at their newest location in the West Ave Shopping Center.  At the open house we learned about the fitness equipment and how it's used to target difficult areas of weight loss.  In another room Houston Stylist Ashley Dunn and Langford Market West Ave Manager Taylor Bailey were on hand to talk style & fashion with the open house guests.  Ashley had styled a few outfits from Langford Market and they were on display.  On the opposite side of the event an MUA was on hand doing makeup touchups! From getting fit, to wearing the right outfit, to completing your look with some beauty tips it was a fun event. So I'm sure you are all wondering how these space-looking machines work? Well I took a tour with the co-founder, Caroline to get the 411!

Caroline, co-owner of Hypoxi Houston on our tour
What is Hypoxi?
We are opposite of what the gym does. We go to the gym and wherever you normally slim down is where you continue to slim down. We come to Hypoxi to do the opposite; Focus on trouble areas that are slow to slim down.

The Hypoxi Machine L250, pictured below is great for the pear-shape woman.  They may have flat stomachs, but their difficult areas of weigh loss are in the legs.  In this particular machine the patron lays down in the pod and cycles for 30 minutes. The pod pulls a vacuum on the body drawing blood flow to the butt and thighs to help accelerate metabolism in that area.  Caroline mentioned this is great for pear-shaped ladies who may have flat stomachs but their legs are their troubled area. 

Hypoxi Machine L250
For a more intensive treatment, Caroline recommends the Hypoxi S120 Machine (pictured below). "This is for someone that has diabetes, high-blood pressure, varicose veins. This is for the overall body. It targets stomach, hips, butt, thighs, & cellulite."  In this machine you wear a skirt that helps seal off the target areas. You are in to the pod up to the belly-button.   

Hypoxi S120
How frequently are your clients coming to Hypoxi?
Our clients work out 3 times a week for 30 minutes each session.  We are looking to have you go down a pant size or dress size in 4 weeks. This technology accelerates how the body burns fat by zoning in on where it burns. 

Do you take walk-ins? 
Sessions are by appointment only. That way you are in and out and never waiting for a machine. The transition is quick, you can come before or after work or over lunch and continue with your day.

You mentioned that clients come in over lunch? How sweaty do they get? We have showers that they can use. The amount of sweat depends on how you normally sweat at the gym. If you sweat a lot there, you'll sweat a lot here. If you don't sweat, I'll make you sweat! We'll increase your water intake, fruits & vegetables so that you'll have natural water. We're not looking for a water weight-loss. We're looking for inch-loss and shrinking fat cells. 

Are you recommending this treatment instead of going to the gym? Or in addition to going to the gym? In addition to the gym, you can still continue on with your classes, kickboxing, boot camp but on your days off.  Our post exercise consumption lasts for 6 hours, so after your workout you'll continue to burn fat for 6 hours, so do not interfere with the blood flow with other exercises that will readjust it, but on your days off you can. You don't have too, but don't try building muscles and weight training, and doing a million other things. You need to focus on one thing at a time and see how your body adjusts.

Is there a nutrition program that goes along with this? 
Yes, you have a nutritionist that helps you basically pinpoint where you struggle in your diet.  You don't eat an hour before your workout and for 2 hours after.  You can eat carbs before, but no carbs after. We don't want to raise your insulin levels and trigger fat retention, so we keep carbs at a minimum. You're more than welcome to eat vegetables, salad, soup, protein, things that will keep you full. Nutrition takes a long time so we're there at each and every session with you to help you. 

How did you figure out this technology? These were developed by Sports science doctors.  It was developed in Austria about 15 years ago. It's basically trying to manipulate the body and tell it where to burn the fat from. There's no electricity involved it's just air pressure, to help transport through arteries, veins and muscles.

Can you feel it? You feel a little bit of the air pressure, almost like being on an airplane

If you don't work out regularly is this okay to take on? Everyone wears a heart rate monitor to make sure that you are not overexerting yourself.  There are different levels of exercise; fat burning, cardio, extreme heart, so we want to make sure you stay within your zone. As you become more efficient at the exercise, we're able to do a little more each time.

What's the duration of a package? A package is 4 weeks at a time, 3 times a week. The body responds best to exercise 3 times a week. We expect results in your first week.  If you reach a plateau, we'll adjust your plan.

How much are people losing? Are you more on inches versus pounds?
We focus on inches. Inches and weight are two different things.  The number on the scale versus how your clothes are fitting. We're looking for a minimum of an one inch loss every 4 weeks.  After your first 2 weeks we measure you to make sure you are hitting the half-inch mark.  If you're not, we sit back down with you and discuss your diet. It's time for that "What are you really eating" talk, because you're working out with us, so more than likely it's poor nutrition.


How does one get started?
You come in for a consultation. We figure out your shape, which machines are best for you and teach you how to program the machines.  Everyone is on an individual program. 

What are your hours and are there any other locations?
M-W-F 6am - 8pm 
T-R  - Open Late
S - Appointment only
This is the only location in Houston, in Texas. 



Can't have a healthy event without healthy snacks! Yum!
Meet the lovely ladies of Medley Inc! They are the PR Firm that represents Hypoxi and they invited me to attend this event. Left to Right: Ashley Small, Rocquelle Porch, Whitley & Cynthia Murga

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