HYPOXI FITNESS JOURNEY: Part 1 - Discovering Dermology

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Hi everyone! I have some exciting news for you! I have partnered with Hypoxi Houston for a few weeks to test out their body-shaping technology and services and share my experience with all of you! As most of you know, I have dealt with weight issues for the better half of my life!! If you've been following my blog since the beginning you have seen my weight go up and down and now it's the highest ever! I have embraced this new "weight" for the time being and have established myself as a plus-size blogger, but I still find myself looking for new and efficient ways to slim down. Well a few weeks ago I was invited to attend Hypoxi Houston's Open House by my PR friends at Medley, Inc.  I was really intrigued by this vacuum suction technology used to target fat areas and definitely wanted to try it out.  The Chemical Engineer in me is always intrigued by new technology and the use of science to get things accomplished. Anyway, through some chats, the partnership came about. Today I'm going to blog about the first half of my first session! You can read my interview with Hypoxi Houston co-owner Caroline on the technology and program in my blog post HERE.

Apparently you are called a Hypoxette when you go to Hypoxi! I like it so I'm officially calling myself an Hypoxette. My first session was Monday night at 6:30pm. I have to admit that I was a little nervous...it's been a decent amount of time since I had last "worked out" and I was nervous about what it would feel like in one of those machines! Would I feel claustrophic? Would it hurt? Of course deep down I knew it wouldn't "hurt" or no one would partake in it so I calmed myself down and arrived promptly at 6:34 (close enough!) and met Caroline in the lobby.  We then went to one of the private rooms to chat about my goals, current regimes and sign some papers.  We went over the standard questions: medical history, fitness history, goals, and my least favorites: sleep habits and nutrition. I knew I would flunk those and so I did! When I told Caroline that I fell asleep between 12AM and 2AM every night I thought she was going to have a heart attack! Ha! Well, getting to bed earlier is already one of my goals for 2014!  Anyway, I also mentioned that I have a pinched nerve that causes my right foot to sometimes fall asleep (that antsy feeling) due to a car accident I had a long time ago. I've noticed this sensation occuring more frequenly since I've gained weight. The weight is adding more pressure on my back and reducing circulation to my leg. Right away Caroline knew what machine she wanted to start me in....The Dermology. This is the Dermology machine:

Hpxi_ 0975
Photo Credit: HypoxiHouston.com
The Dermology machine is great for patients looking to get rid of cellulite and improving their circulation (Exactly what I needed). So I headed off to the ladies room to change. You don't have to bring workout clothes with you to Hypoxi because you always wear one of their suits for your session. All you need are socks and shoes.  The ladies room was cozy and clean! Of course I snapped a few pics:

As you can see Hypoxi pretty much has everything you need to be in and out including shower facilities, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, towels, hair dryer, etc.
Cool motivational wall decor in the ladies' room
Then it was time to put on the suit. I have to say this was the least flattering part about this experience. It's like wearing spanx but outside in public, but I didn't mind since everyone else there was wearing one too and now all of you get to see how lovely I look in an Hypoxi suit! Hahaha

After that suit it was time to enter another suit. This one was specific to the Dermology machine. Before putting on the Dermology suit, you're outfitted with a heart rate monitor. All the machines keep track of your heart rate via this device. Then I entered the suit. The suit is fully enclosed except for your head. At first it was a little snug around my neck but I got used to the feeling fairly quick. Then Caroline helped me lay horizontal on the bed and she connected all the fun tubes. I felt like a space alien! It was awesome! Inside the suit there's a bunch of suction-cup things that stick to and pull away from your body as the suit goes in and out of pressure. Have you ever seen that commercial for those packing bags where they suck out all the air and the bag closes air tight around the clothes? That's pretty much what the suit does. It's not supposed to be loose, it should really feel like a second skin during the process.  The duration of Dermology is 20 minutes. I admit, for the first few minutes I was giggling because the suction cups tickled but after my body adjusted to the sensation it was relaxing.  Caroline typically leaves the guest in the room with the lights dim for a more zen like experience and zen I was....It freaking felt like a FULL BODY MASSAGE and I was super close to falling asleep when....that quick my twenty minutes were up :-(....awww. 

After I was disconnected and helped out of the suit, Caroline checked for impressions on my leg. If you don't have impressions that means the suit was not tight enough and didn't make that much contact with your body. I had impressions so that was a good thing! 

Come back later this week to read about my experience with the S120 Machine 
Hypoxette for Hypoxi Houston

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